Change And Improvement In Educational Organizations

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Change and improvement in educational organizations

Education is very important, since it drives the growth and development of countries and provides very positive aspects. The issue of change and improvement in educational organizations can be of interest, since this requires a process in the environment, since through these processes improvements can be made either in relationships, actions and even the methodologies that teachersThey practice in the classroom, in addition through the modifications we can assess whether the changes that were made obtained good results in terms of the demands that occur today around education, that is why in the present work we will see its importanceAnd what wants to achieve in educational centers. It is worth mentioning that today what parents look most in any educational center is an educational quality and that can meet the needs that are presented during the school year and life. Innovation in educational centers

Carbonell (2001), defines innovation as a series of interventions, decisions and processes, with a certain degree of intentionality and systematization that try to modify attitudes, ideas, cultures, content, models and pedagogical practices.

Innovation is very important in the field of learning, since it is linked to transformative action mainly about people and following the world we must consider improvement as the use of strategies didactic methods and resources to be able to achieve significant learning this meansthat students understand the information and to get them to develop their own ideas and contributions which can solve problems.

We can say that the teaching team is very important for educational innovation. One of the benefits that innovation does is that it motivates students to learn this is given by the different methodologies that teachers implement and also thanks to this, academic performance gradually improves, since it is in constant evaluation of improvement in the improvement in theStudent performance and thus be able to see what methods can be better so that they can understand in a better way one of the disadvantages that innovation has is that many times both teachers and students resist change which delayed the process of the process ofimprovements to be made. The innovation processes for educational quality is to involve everyone through planning, adaptation, where everyone knows the aspects and commit to move forward with the projects that have been proposed, the preparation either through training,workshops or other methods and finally there is the evaluation where it is verified whether the changes that are actually being made are giving good results.

Improvements and processes in education

Muijs (2010) reminds us that the improvement of educational organizations, as a scope of practice and study, after going through various phases or moments, in which it has focused on self-assessment processes, effective or sophisticated schools, professional development processes, professional development processes,It now focuses on network work and collaboration between schools, as a fundamental strategy for educational change and improvement.

An educational organization can apply change processes by implementing administrative strategies and techniques, one can be administrative manuals. It is important that collaborative work in teachers be strengthened and developed in students, since this will do a better unit and learning will be equal, in addition to innovation is important in an educational center, since it is a line of improvements, byInnovation medium, professional development is carried out, it takes people out of comfort mode and makes changes in people’s behavior.

The improvement process is important, since through it more and better learning is generated in students, it is also important for the labor reform of the educational system thus being able to reduce school disasters, it is also important that the information given to them isTo the students are aimed at the action in which a knowledge can be transmitted and at the same time it can be carried out. The processes to carry out a change must be started by expanding the access of education where women and Mayan groups can have the same opportunities and the constant update, many times the improvements can be challenges for educational centers, however, methodologies andpurposes favor education.

Educational quality

Educational quality is important through it strengthens teaching-learning processes, educational quality should be required both in the private and public area, since it is not only important to have adequate infrastructure but mainlyIt is giving all children the opportunity to learn, then it would be to give them the materials so that they can develop, obtain knowledge, learn languages and learn for life, if we realize the educational quality more and more is expanding, but people are neededthat they are trained to be able to implement it properly

Edwards (1991) mentions that the quality of education is the value that is contributed to a process or an educational product, and that this value compromises to a trial, as long as something comparatively be affirmed with respect to another. To say that an education is of quality supposes, in turn, that it might not be, it is the comparison that allows it to issue a judgment.

What the educational quality wants to achieve is that there is an integration or participation of all the actors of the educational centers for quality, these are the students, teachers and parents, the educational quality should not be demanded is a fundamental rightwhich should be taking each in all educational centers, we can mention that in the government agreement not. 52-2015 The Regulation for the Authorization and Operation of Private Educational Centers in article does not. 5, 6 and 13 talk about the quality of education also something very important that implies quality is to make sure students so it is important to provide them with a pleasant climate where they feel comfortable and motivated, these articles should alsobe put into practice in the public school area.

When we talk about educational quality, it is intertwined with innovation, since thanks to it the necessary improvements are made so that educational centers can give quality education and that the processes carried out can be accepted by both teachers and studentsAnd so these can have a learning that serves them for life.

To conclude we could say that the changes and improvements within education are important, since through them great progress arises both in the growth of people and the country itself in addition that education has always been in constant changes and that theInnovation can not only occur through technology that today is of great importance in which there are many tools for learning to be more significant, but it can also be through other methods, education has been adapted toThe changes although sometimes resistance has emerged, since they do not know the methodologies cling to the traditional, but they realize that it is a positive change when seeing the advance of the students.


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