Cches On Dental Care On Halloween

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Cches on dental care on Halloween


In the midst of terrifying costumes, tricks or sweets and sweet bags, dr. Paul O’Dwyer, Clinical Advisor of Dental Care Ireland, shares some useful tips to protect the teeth and oral health of his young family from Halloween’s ‘horrors’.


Some main tips on Halloween dental care:

  1. Moment of the treats. To help protect your child’s teeth on this Halloween holiday. Avoid eating snacks throughout the day and reserves specific schedules for snacks, ideally emulating the typical school lunch breaks at home. Saliva production increases during meals, which helps eliminate sugary food particles and can help reduce caries risk. Before "asking for sweets", it is a good idea to make sure that children eat a healthy meal first. With luck, this will also decrease the volume of sweets consumed. 
  2. Types of treatment. In addition to the frequency of snacks, the time that sugary foods remain in their child’s mouth can affect tooth decay. Avoid treats that tend to stay in the mouth, such as hard or sticky sweets, as they will cause the greatest damage to teeth. Another way to limit treats is to allow your child to choose some favorites from their bag of tricks or sweets and enjoy them after dinner in the days after Halloween. Might consider donating the rest.
  3. Drinking water. It is important that children drink a lot of water to eliminate sugar after eating Halloween candy. Water will help dilute any acid attack caused by sugary snacks. Whenever possible, try to replace sugary snacks, such as sweets and chocolate, with Halloween theme fruit alternatives. Avoid fruit drinks and smoothies that can often be considered healthy, but sometimes tend to be high in sugar and harmful to teeth.
  4. Regular teeth. To keep your mouth healthy, it is essential to brush your teeth regularly with a teeth paste with fluoride. Children should also use tooth thread once a day, preferably after dinner. Smaller children should be supervised to ensure that the correct amount of toothbrush is placed on the toothbrush. After eating sugary sweets, good advice is to wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. Some acidic food soften the enamel, so if you brush your teeth immediately after eating them, you run the risk of further damaging the enamel while it is still sensitive.
  5. Annual check up. The mid -period recess is a good opportunity to schedule an appointment with the dentist for her son if she has not yet done this this year. It is better to prevent cure and regular checks will stimulate good brushing habits. Your child will also receive advice and support from your dentist and / or dental hygienist.


In addition to protecting your child’s son’s teeth, it is important. Read the labels carefully to avoid possible asphyxiation hazards. In smaller children, where they are losing milk teeth, it is always a good idea.

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