Causes Of Muscle Dystrophy

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Causes of muscle dystrophy


Muscle dystrophy is caused by several conditions or damage that have a gene which changes what dystropine is in the body. This disease as it is of hereditary origin, since it directly and more likely to men, since it is linked to its X chromosome. This disease prevents everything that is the normal and correct functioning of the body’s muscles. Where DMD is the most common form of that evil, since it mostly affects men 1 in 3500 boys born, but girls can also be born with this disease, but it is much less frequent, since although it is trueThe girls are mostly just carriers.


This disease which is a bit difficult to detect it at an early age talking about months, but children who are affected in greater quantities are usually detected the DMD and the DMB is among the ages between 2 and 6 years. Because we are realizing the existence of this disease because children are pleasedThe disease not yet diagnosed, hauser l. Among the most common forms that this disease occurs because it is when making some movement and physical activity that requires coordinated or speed and several repetitions.

Such as: jump, jump, climb stands and stand up. Well, this is because their muscles gradually lose mobility and that is why they fall a lot or go alone on tiptoe, since their Achilles tendon becomes rigid and these are the alert signs that doctors set to diagnose at earlyAges, but there are cases where it is not detected in time and the latest is detected until 12 years of age where treating and patients with that anomaly are already very complicated not to overcome the life time of about 20 years. All this is very important for the affected patient, since this is a progressive disease, that is, each of the muscle cells is gradually dying and that is why the muscles are weakening more and more.

But this is not that the muscles become smaller but as the child grows his whole body and muscles worse because a large muscle can be seen, but they lose great mobility and are increasingly rigid passing first through support at the time ofmove until you get to use a chair to go somewhere and with the help of other people, it must also be said that this disease is not contagious, Uribe C. All this type of disease product of the inheritance of your ancestors which is the mutation in the genes that of DNA, but in a few cases they are problems that are acquired such as that they do not crawl very well over time.

They cannot easily stand up and perform some slightly strange movements to be able to achieve it and when they stand up they begin to send their backs as well to be able to be as straight as possible.  Many other times all this disease occurs in a way that has no reason to be consists in the gene suffer from the mutation which was not inherited by any of the parents and that is transmitted from there from generation to generation, in menIt is where the disease develops much more are the women who possess it, but they are the ones who have the disease are the bearers, Arroyo H. As it is a hereditary disease when one of the parents is a carrier of the affected or damaged gene, they have a 50% probability of transmitting it to their children. 

Doctors usually wait for the evolution of the disease to occur, since they perform a muscular biopsy and an electromyogram to have a record of muscle electrical activity and thus know that exactly what the patient possesses and discard some othermuscular anomaly that the person can possess. These analyzes, the laboratory and finally the biopsy is the one that gives the final word to corroborate the absence of dystropine in the muscles so you can see the death signs of the muscle and tissue fibers that make up each of the muscles andFinally with the electromyography that is with which we confirm the diagnosis, Zuluaga J. 


All diagnostic methods that are carried out in the mother’s uterus serve as a treatment which if the effects are discovered can indicate an abortion, but this goes against ethical problems or laws already implemented such as those of theright to life. Another option is to deal with drugs such as the use of corticosteroids for 12 and 18 months this allows us to delay the progress of the disease, but only temporarily during this time the patient feels much stronger with his muscles, but he cannotbe in bed for a long time.

The movement is better and thus stimulate the muscles for when the syndrome reaches its most advanced phase and have a life as well as possible to avoid another disease such as obesity. Physiotherapy treatment which basically consists of much stretching exercises which with several consultations where the physiotherapist helps to stop the disease a bit and do not arrive in such an aggressive way to the patient and these exercises should know their relatives well too, since withThe time the patient will need more frequently and so family members can be done at any time.Cash, d.


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