Casablanca A Love Story

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Casablanca A love story


White House. "Casablanca" is a 1942 film that will focus on the character of Rick, who will have several love dilemmas, but will not only deal with a love story, but there will also be political conflicts and aspiration to freedom. All this appears, since it was made before World War II ended, and that is why there will be a great reference to it, it shows a certain pessimistic tone, so there will be some hardness, characteristic of the stage of the 40s. In short, it is an excellent love work in times of war. This film is a classic and I consider it essential, 


It is a cinematographic jewel, although more at a joint than technical level, which makes it an iconic film, which has a great performance by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Citizen Kane. "Citizen Kane" is a 1941 film directed by Orson Welles, which, so I have been ableshadows, which contributed greater expressiveness. In addition, this film has an incredible script, dealing with issues such as ambition or reflection on loneliness. 

They have spent almost 80 years of this movie, so I think it does not have so much charm as it could have it in their time, and, when classified as a jewel of cinema, it created too much expectation, so much that it did not satisfy me, nowThat now that innovation that Orson Welles introduced, today they are already seen, in addition to me a little long. Apartment. "The apartment" is a 1960 film directed by Billy Wilder and, although it has a comedy appearance, in the background it is a great drama that will address issues such as labor exploitation, infidelity, loneliness or hierarchy on which thesociety.


Will leave a bittersweet taste in the spectator (as is my case).  By wanting to show us their other side (social critic), the characters will be perfectly portrayed, so there will be a great wealth in the characters, as when addressing the different themes that arise, we can notice a certain air or atmosphereOf melancholic type and, unlike citizen Kane, I haven’t seemed outdated, this is an unmporal jewel, for me there has been no time when movie declines.

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