Cancer And Possible Solution, Immunotherapy

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Cancer and possible solution, immunotherapy

 In this essay, cancer disease is going to be treated and one of the solutions posed by science to combat disease, immunotherapy, immunotherapy will be explained.

Cancer is a non -contagious disease that has its origin in the cells of our human body, which is due to a genetic mutation of these. When the so -called carcinogenic agents act on a cell, such as solar radiation, a mutation can occur in the genetic material of the cell, that is, an alteration in the chromosomes that compose it, and of the subunits or nucleotides. This modification can lead to the mutation of other cells if it is a stem cell whose function is to differentiate. When this damaged cell begins to multiply, transmitting to its descendants the mutation, cell multiplication increases uncontrollably, also conditioned by other successive mutations. As the number of mutations increases and cell multiplication increases uncontrollably, the affectation begins to expand, and we will consider this phenomenon as a tumor.

The affectation of these tumors can be at the local level, when they damage near or distance tissues in distant organs, when metastasis occurs.

Given this pathology, science has developed certain solutions, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, although the use of immunotherapy is recently introduced to combat tumor or cancer, in the aid of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

This method of eliminating a tumor consists in stimulating the defenses of the body itself, so that they identify tumor cells and attack on cancer. This process is carried out thanks to biomolecules that can be extracted from our own body and be modified in a laboratory to later be reintroduced in blood plasma.

Specialist prepares an immunotherapy treatment. Apezteguia, f. (May 7, 2019). Immunotherapy begins to be the first cancer treatment. Retrieved on October 29, 2019, from, https: // www.the -nt.HTML

The treatment of immunotherapy has its explanation in the immune system. This is the body of the body in charge of producing antibodies, proteins that fight infections the infections that one can have. Although these antibodies occur naturally, oncology scientists have developed monoclonal antibodies, which are introduced into the body intravenously. These proteins can also be produced to combat cancer, and can do it in different ways.

On the one hand, anti -cancer agents can first "lift" the brakes of the immune system. Atezolizumab protein acts on PDL-1 proteins to release the lymphocytes of the immune system so that the tumor is identified, which until that time was not being fought. Other antibodies, such as CTLA-4, can join proteins that slow the reaction of the immune system, to directly combat cancer, attacking and destroying some cancer proteins that allow the progress of the tumor.

On the other hand, immunotherapy can also contribute to a greater survival of the patient with a very advanced phase cancer, getting to combat cancer in the different outbreaks of the body, to slow down or even decelerate the progress.

However, immunotherapy is only effective for some of the patients to which they are applied to them, and although it is very effective in combination with chemotherapy, only the immune system has detected the tumor, raising, as I have previously commented,the brakes that prevent acting to fight it.

One of the main implications that cancer and expertFor those who have been diagnosed with this pathology. Society in general, sees with very good eyes the fact that there is the possibility that a person with a difficult cure can survive for a longer time, or even pass the disease.

In addition, at the health level, this possible solution to cancer can facilitate doctors’ treatments, since it allows some patients whose remedy in surgery can pass cancer without having to go through difficult operations. Not only this, because it also implies a real cure for cancer that, if effective, fights damaged tissues, without damaging other cells in their path, as if they make solutions prior to it, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy that also produce difficult effectssecondary.

On an economic level, the development of new priests is an important challenge that favors research and the development of the economy in areas that require complex scientific knowledge. However, the price of treatment ranges between € 3000 and 4000, which is a true difficulty to those in economic difficulties, and makes an intervention necessary by institutions to finance treatments to finance treatments.

Finally, as a conclusion I think that science has developed a real solution to cancer, which can cure tumors so far incurable or help increase the survival of those patients who are diagnosed.

I consider that it is a progress that research has contributed, and we must continue in the future to improve this cure to help overcome cancer to a higher percentage of the population. We must support the investigation of new ways to combat such diseases, financing research as a society.


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Scientific vocabulary

  • Immunotherapy: Treatment to combat cancer that stimulates the defenses of the body itself to combat it.
  • Immune system: set of organs and tissues that detect foreign substances and fight them to eliminate them from the organism.
  • Chemotherapy: Therapy used to combat cancer that consists in the destruction of cancer cells by drugs by drugs.
  • ATEZOLIZUMAB: Synthesized medication to combat cancer proteins PDH-1.
  • Chromosome: organelle formed by the succession of nucleotide molecules and that make up the genetic material.      

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