Burnout Syndrome And Mental Collapse

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Burnout syndrome and mental collapse

The “burnout” syndrome or burned worker syndrome is a type of chronic work stress, is the most common among workers whose work is related to direct attention to people such as: health, teachers, law agents etc.. . Presents characteristics such as physical and mental exhaustion, demotivation and even depression.

This syndrome affect thousands of workers around the world, in some professions reaches up to 30-40% of professionals. LEFT AND GARCÍA – ALLÉN.

As Álvarez-Gallego and Fernández-Ríos and Gil-Monte and Moreno-Jiménez tell us. Those who suffer from this problem are usually people especially responsible and committed to their work;As we mentioned earlier, health workers, education, agents of the law, in short those who for their work have a direct treatment with people … They are usually the most affected by Burnout syndrome.

The young people who recently begin their working life are also most frequently suffered;They are not usually prepared to face the conflicts that are presented to them.

Personal problems, such as family diseases, couple problems or economic problems are another factor that can aggravate existing symptoms.

Forbes- Álvarez, the burnout or also appointed professional wear syndrome, is a ailment caused as an answer to long pressures suffered by the person in the face of stressful and emotional circumstances, concerning their work.

According to Forest there are several factors that can cause this syndrome, such as the following: prolonged work schedules (more than 8 hours a day), little or poor rest of rest.(Do not sleep at least between 7 and 8 hours a day), excessive responsibility, overload at work, bad weather in the workplace (conflicts between colleagues, …), scarce economic remuneration and factors outside work: family, economic problems, ..

Martínez-Pérez concludes that burnout is a syndrome that responds to chronic stress produced by work which has specific peculiarities according to certain labor areas. Some believe that this syndrome only affects healthcare personnel, ultimately those who work directly with people and that rarely affects other sectors, such as works called manuals, administrative, construction, painters, etc ..

Since as Buendía and Ramos and Manos say in these work, work stress is not conceptualized, from the point of view of psychology, as Burnout syndrome. Although there are also those who consider the field of volunteering as a collective affected by this syndrome even though there are no labor conditions or remunerated or there is a contract in between.

Regarding existing points of view there is a great controversy regarding the allocation of this syndrome exclusively to the care sectors. This discrepancy arises at the precise moment when Maslach coined the term and proposed that he was only applied to workers in this sector.

Even today the controversy continues;With definitions such as Burke that complements Maslach’s and states that Burnout is a "process of adapting work stress, and characterized by disorientation, coldness or emotional distancing and isolation".

Although there are numerous works that contradict those who believe that this syndrome only affects healthcare professionals. Pins and Aronson (1998) are two authors who claim that the symptoms of Burnout syndrome are also observed in people who do not belong to the healthcare sector;whereby the syndrome manifests itself as a mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

Díaz, in his work he states that the World Health Organization (WHO) has included the burned worker syndrome, Burnout, in the next international classification of diseases;which will enter into force in 2022, with this it intends that this ailment be better known, since it affects more people and can have consequences that affect both companies and mental health.

Maslach and Jackson some of the symptoms that people who suffer from burned worker or burnout syndrome can present are: stomach discomfort, insomnia, pessimism, anxiety, headaches, demotivation or work absenteeism and depression and depression.

People who suffer from Burnout syndrome often lose their ability to enjoy both their work, their social life, as well as leisure time, even becoming serious cases, which lead to depression problems and even givensome case, in which suicide is reached.

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