Bullying As Problems And Factors That Influence Schools

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Bullying as problems and factors that influence schools


Bullying is a next of actions in which we voluntarily make a person feel inferior to the others, thus damaging his self – esteem;This action can be given by several factors, for example, the physical appearance of a person, their way of dressing, skin color, sexual orientation, among many others.

In this study I will talk about bullying, which is also recognized as bullying.


Bullying is a problem that has grown over time in schools, and is a mistreatHighlight that this occurs in all environments, since adults are not exempt from receiving bullying). The perpetrators seek to especially intimidate, terrorize and make them feel inferior to their victims in a consecutive and long term, which unleashes very serious consequences in the victims.

On many occasions, the perpetrators only make a prototype of corners, but normally in most cases they come together with others, so the victim suffers in this case several types of harassment.

Bullying manifests itself in many ways, for example, with physical abuse, which is based on blows, push, etc., everything that includes aggression to the physical integrity of being.

Likewise, there is verbal bullying, which occurs when they put nickname.

He mathered occurs in all contexts, no matter if it is at home, at school or in the workplace and this as it has been mentioned brings great psychological consequences, which will be evidenced in the decrease in self – esteem, and this makes fear more and more;This is why it is transcendental for parents.

The children must be evaluated because the changes are mainly noticeable in behavior, we must evaluate the very rough humor changes or the lack of desire to attend a place or school (this obviously because they are afraid to repeatedly endure harassment harassment), you also have to be attentive when the victims do not want to tell anything about their day at school and become more distant.

Prevent bullying

It is recommended in case of not being able to handle this issue alone, not keeping these inconveniences and talks to someone of trust, it can be parents or teachers. At the beginning it may seem difficult to talk about this subject with another person, but you have to remember that everything is for the own good.

It is very significant not to let bullying be something everyday in our life, but rather, that at the same time that the problems are solved, the person has the ability to focus on other activities, activities that help him develop as a person.


Harassment is an event of seek behavior, and is often results in order to make a damage to another person either physical, verbal and psychological way.

We analyze that bullying refers to a nature of people. Its main function is to harass, harass, disturb or break a person physically or orally.

This essay talked about the meaning of bullying, the types of harassment that exist, their typologies to be able to identify it and some indications to prevent it.

In my opinion I believe that to avoid bullying, you have to struggle in children from home to provide respect for other people regardless of their culture, physical appearance, way of thinking or dressing;You also have to encourage trust between parents and children so that they feel harassed or someone attacks them, have the power to dialogue with their parents. 

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