Brexit As A Socio-Economic And Political Boom

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Brexit as a socio-economic and political boom


With the future of time, the United Kingdom and the European Union had had a turbulent relationship, which lasted about 43 years. Due to the traumatic decision made by the United Kingdom that ended the alliance both economic and politics between them. This echo happened on June 24, 2016, where, the Prime Minister of England announces a referendum, where 72 % of the population had participation. It is alarming to observe this panorama, because, it puts into play the solidity that the European Union had always handled. This article has the last purpose of analyzing the factors that lead the United Kingdom to make this decision, also focus on the possible repercussions that Brexit will carry in the future with the dissolution of this agreement. 


In 2016, Brexit [Footnoteref: 3] became a boom between the media and worldwide, because it was something unusual, did the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union? It was actually at the beginning difficult to believe for many, because never before a member country had abandoned this political and economic union from 28 countries that since its inception has only expanded. But, it should be noted 

That the United Kingdom came with several discontent in relation to the alliance, because it all started or we can refer that the origin of this occurs in 2012, when the Grexit was booming, I endGreece of the (EU) of the most difficult situations that has occurred in that country. Later in 2015 David Cameron “Prime Minister of England” to win the approval of the people promised that if he was left in his position, he would make a referendum in order to decide whether the United Kingdom had to remain or leave the block.

Then the issue proposed by the English was as follows: ‘Should The United Kingdom Remain a Member of the European Union?’, That is, should the United Kingdom continue to be a member of the European Union.

The opposite response was known as Bremain and did not have the same success, since the popular response was 17.410.742 votes in favor of Brexit.  But the result overwhelmed David Cameron to the point of giving up as prime minister. From these premises we can leave to initiate our investigation where the future is uncertain and we can only raise possible consequences of taking said decion by the United Kingdom, and also make a contextualization of the topic to calm more knowledge of it. [4: Bremain means, Britain: Great Britain and removal: remain, and this implies that it is the permanence of the United Kingdom in the (EU).]

Factors that led to Brexit

With World War II, the United Kingdom has never been considered European but due to this event, it was one of the 5 main countries in supporting the creation of an international cooperation organization in Europe, to ensure that power would not be agreed in aonly country, but it was equitable. In addition, due to the great infrastructural destruction that occurred as consequences of the war, he gave rise to the creation of this. Winston Churchill, proposed in his famous "Speech for Academic Youth", pronounced at the University of Zurich in 1946: "There is a remedy that … in a few years I could do to all of Europe … free and … happy. It consists of re -creation of the European family, or at least the part of it that we can and provide it with a structure under which they can live in peace, security and freedom. We must build a kind of United States."

The materialization of the EU entrance tookStart the market in common was not pleasant for the Prime Minister, since, they opposed the United Kingdom to supply more than it earned. .

This can be considered as one of the first discontent factors by the United Kingdom, with the EU. Then, the Master -member countries that until then were 12, are decided by signing this contract in order to unify the economy through the euro, and the United Kingdom is benefit from a clause to be out of the euroand stay with your currency.

Then in 1995 the Schengen agreement enters to govern, where the member countries are eliminated, but since the United Kingdom from the first event and in this case Ireland decided not to be assigned.

Consequently, the Amsterdam Treaty was born that aimed to transform or modify the previous treated and extended the material areas with a particular regime for the United Kingdom. Then there was Nice’s treaty consisted of reforming the structure that was had to face the expansion of the US, but these did not have any repercussions or attribute to the United Kingdom.

To culminate with these factors, the Lisbon treaty was considered that it is considered the last modification, here the EU has legal personality, which allowed it to sign international agreements at the community level.

Then Nigel Farage appeared as the main spokesman. His argument was simple: to return to the United Kingdom the control of his own matters, including immigration, border passage, economy and sovereignty. All these factors lead to what aware us of which is the "brexit", and observing all this great path full of agreements and treated, and also knowing that the exit of any country would be an abrupt change, since the economy, the economy, thePolitics are regulated by a community of countries, which are benefiting each.

Brexit consequences

It is to know that the main Pilar of the EU is based on the free market, where it can be freely marketed without having tariffs, cups, etc. The Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson has made the decision to end up with the US when signing on October 31, and this would bring with him according to expert consequences, since, most of the exchange of goods such as medicines and various products are given, through the Channel of La Mancha, and according to statistics the trade flow would be reduced up to 40%, since, it would be unfavorable or rather to be weak with the belonging countries, because the relationships that occurred freely would endBetween countries.

Foods are not forecast a good future, since, as demand is shown and they become products with little availability for the consumer, also prices also rise to being rare. This decision of the Prime Minister, of not postponing the date and signing to materialize the exit of the US, also brings other consequences for Europe, although it should be noted that so far, there is an agreement where the British government promised to respect the right of residence, but this, this does not mean that this can end in the worst case, where the legal situation of the people found in England when leaving the US, the individuals who do not have nationality would automatically remain illegal in thecountry, so, this problem, brings with it a future problem, since, there would no longer be free transit in the cities but that the visa and passport were needed.

The worst part would take it, possibly, the United Kingdom, but ‘a messy brexit would not leave the rest of the European economy unscathed’, since the exit ‘it will cost a lot of money’ and its effects ‘they will notice in Europe’.


It can be concluded, with the study and analysis of the given theme, that this great step that decided to take the United Kingdom, was not something from one day to another, but it was a process, where England was not very comfortable withMany requirements that were required to be within that alinaza, so I opt for not belonging more to the EU, however there are now many aspects that are uncertain, that we still do not know for sure how those changes that actually occur will be, we can only comment on what today is observed in the news and because based on this, speculation of the possible conditions that this decision can entail, for the economy and the politics of both the United Kingdom, and for Europe in the EuropeanYes, it only remains to expect any decisions to be in favor of humanity and preservation of life.


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