Book: The Richest Man In Babylon

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Book: The richest man in Babylon


This book begins when Bansir, the one who performed the carriages of Babylon, was discouraged by the situation in which he was not having money and seeing that his wife watched him and with her eyes even more declared his situation.

Then his friend Kobbi enters the musician who took him out of his distracted beautification with an unexpected string of strings, Kobbi asked him 2 humble Shekels and he replied that he could not lend it to his good best friend because if he had it that would be his fortune, Kobbi is surprised to see that his friend does not have a Shekels and that he sits on the wall if to finish the carriage which he did.

After these friends they had a long talk where they realized that they did not want to be working and working without getting nothing years, they wanted to know the secret of how to look for gold.

After this Kobbi remembered to have seen Arkad, that this was a very rich man and agreed to look for him to ask for advice. As soon as they arrived where Arkad soon praised their wealth and remind them that when they were children who was not the most skilled, he shares his experience in life, he told him that in his youth he saw all the good and expensive things of lifeand said;that he would not be envious this;but he would look for ways of having it.

He got a job as a writer and although he worked day after day his profits had nothing to show. A day Algamish, the lender, offered him 2 pence for writing a law and this was wrong, he made a deal to finish it if he gave him the secret of how to be rich. He fulfilled his word and told me that he found the way to wealth when "he decided that a part of everything he won was to save her and that the same should do it".

He thought a lot about what he had told me and seemed reasonable, so he started saving, he invested in 2 businesses and lost all the money in the first, Algamish advised Arkad not to do business with inexperience. I saved again and I invested this money in a shield factory from a man named Agger who paid me every time I sold one, after a few years I saw Algamish again who with great interest asked myself how everything was going and made meAn offer, since his children were going to waste his money and made his partner in Nipur and inherited a part when he died. This advised to follow their example.

After King Sargon returned and saw how Babylon was, the chancellor explained to him and presented him the possibility that Arkad being the richest man in Babylon could help him advise the population to get wealth and he taught 100 men the 7 waysWhich were: Start filling your bags, control your expenses, make your gold fruit, protect your treasures from any loss, make your property profitable investment, ensure income for the future, increase your ability to acquire goods.

The students wanted to know how to attract luck, they said that luck only persecuted the rich and later through the Arkad conversations makes him understand that luck is with the people who work hard and through stories he makes him understand that luck cansmile if we take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us. We all have luck, we must only take advantage of the opportunities that they present us.

Arkad tells a story about an old friend named Kalab who puts him to choose from a golden sack to a clay tablet, clearly he chooses the gold jacket but without thinking that it would not help him but know to invest the investmentmoney instead the clay tablet lady to know the knowledge of making money and that this is more and more. Arkad then tells the story of his son and says that he gives this a gold bag and a tablet with the 5 laws and this after all the Malgasto ended all the money is that he remembers the 5 laws which are:Saving 10% of your profits, gold is profitable for those who use it in something profitable, gold remains if we know how to invest, the gold knows when we do not know that we invest it, gold flees when we follow incorrect advice.

Rodan which was a spear manufacturer, this was very happy, since he had earned 50 gold coins working hard. Her sister had asked her money for her husband to start a business and Rodan not very sure decidedHe answers through a story of an ass and an ox, the moral of history ends up being that if we wantDo not be productive.

This part teaches us the importance of how we should protect our goods, investments and businesses.

This man named Dabasir happens to the situation that by giving his wife pleasure he is indebted and seeing the many debts he had realizes that it was not good to have them and decides to speak with all of whom he took borrowed and agreedpay for quotas and understood that there are means for which to do things.

These try how to do things well with the gold you win like: to remove the tenth part of what you win without borrowing or spending more than they due, making a list than the people you owe and the amount, talk to peopleTo those you owe and pay you, keep a tenth of what you earn and finally invest your money properly.

In the end he deals with a young man who criticized saying that slaves were the ones who had to work on those hard tasks, but he did not know the past life of his grandfather. Someone told him about his grandfather who was a slave equal to the one he criticized and that he was striving could get out of that life and have his fortune.  

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