Book The Little Prince, A Classic Work

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Book The Little Prince, a classic work


The book of the Little Prince is considered the most important works for the author Antonie de Saint-Exupéry, has already sold more than 140 million copies throughout the planet, his book has translated into more than 250 languages ​​and dialects, including Braile.

The Little Prince is a classic work, in which most people are aware of their existence, the fact of adapting it, it already makes it difficult. All, or vast majority of people, grew up with this book, or have the story or part of it in their memory, so having the challenge of making a movie is not easy. Mark Osborne as he says in an interview for the newspaper, in 2016, where he was asked: Saint-Exupéry’s book is sacred to his fans, which are legion. That imposed?, To which he replied: “It is for that reason that at first I said no, and I continued with other stories. But then I saw the movie as an opportunity to pay tribute and bring the work closer to a new audience ”.

The Little Prince has had many adaptations during all these years, several attempts have been made in the cinema, musical, opera, series, and even in attraction parks. They made several attempts in the cinema before Mark Osborne’s adaptation. The first of these dates from 1966, and comes from the Soviet Union, made by Lithuanian Arünas Zebriünas. An American musical film will follow him in 1974, then a German television movie and another, French in 1990, told by Richard Bohringer. In 2002, Richard Cocciant adapted the story to a musical; Then in 2010, "France 3" transmitted an animated computer series. In 2014 Michael Levinas presented an opera in Switzerland, and since July 2014, Alsacia has an amusement park totally dedicated to the little prince. So that finally in 2015, after 10 years of work, Mark Osborne’s movie was released.

As Osborne says, the film has a great story behind, and in some way you have to pay tribute. Being a classic of the novel, the public what expects the most is a magnificent work in which you can see all the wonders of the book, exemplifying a whole world full of metaphors, and on such iconic issues as love and friendship, in who will discover that an egocentric rose can have a big heart; that stars can be a reason to smile; And as a domesticated fox teaches us, that the essential is invisible to the eyes. Probably a fairly large challenge which, Mark Osborne achieves a timely result. On the one hand he manages to absolutely honor the soul of the work by sticking to it, making a deserved tribute to it, and on the other it presents a tender and sweet parallel story, guided by an analogous line of ideas and thoughts.

Although at first glance the Little Prince may seem a simple children’s book about the search for friendship, you can read at many different levels. The author of the novel ingeniously prepares his interpretation at many different levels, according to the reader’s age, so the book transcends the limits of time and age. Something that does not happen much with the film, since this is made for a child audience, and despite talking about the same story, which has different is the way of telling and the way of creation. In the film we see animations much more linked to the childhood, with very simple dialogues so that they can understand and entertain themselves. The movie the same can generate that double reading, but it is not the same that generates the book.

The movie "The Little Prince" arrives on the big screen by a very important director such as Mark Osborne, with the companies: On Animation Studios, Onyx Films, Mikros Image, Orange Studio, LPPTV (Co -production), M6 Films ( co -production), ON Entertainment and Paramount Animation. This film had approximate financing of 77.5 million USD, a large budget that would be a great film, but only managed to raise a total of 97.USD 5 million. And for a film to succeed in economic fields, the collection has to exceed twice the total budget, so unfortunately this film does not exceed the expectations they had of it. You can explain many of the causes for which this film was not what it had to be, one of them could be the premiere time, since it is a Christmas time, in which people are not so attentive to the premieres, Another point could be that in the month of December of the year 2015 next to the premiere of the movie "The Little Prince", "Star Wars was also released: the awakening of the force", so competing with a film like this is nothing easy. In spite of everything she was winner at the César Awards, in 2016, in the Categría "César for the best animated film". 

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