Animal Experiments And Research Throughout History

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Animal experiments and research throughout history

Animal experiments have been given throughout history, including recognized philosophers were participants in this practice, such as Aristotle, Alexandrian doctors and Roman Galen, however, is it useful to investigate with animals?, because experimentation with animals helps to advance and innovation in science and industries for the benefit of the human being, since, these studies have allowed obtaining the necessary knowledge to understand the functioning of organisms.

He, scientist at the Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) from Barcelona, Ángel R. Nebreda affirms that “before, people became ill and died. Now, many of these diseases have a cure, and those treatments would not have been possible without animal experimentation ”.

Therefore, this process has been key to obtaining medical discoveries, because, animal research allows the development of modern drugs and anestheticsuch as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, smallpox and others. As shown is the insulin that was developed for patients with type I diabetes, based on experiments with rabbits and dogs. In general, the objective of animal research points to the biomedical study, since, it is here that the greatest amount of advances such as blood transfusions, organ transplants and the vivisection process, which is the dissection practiced,In a living animal, with the purpose of doing scientific studies or research.

However, animal experiments are used for different purposes, as well as in education, in tobacco industries, environmental, cosmetic, military, and chemical industries in general. That is, this type of research is used to: know the degree of toxicity that cosmetic products will cause, in teaching they are widely used when biology and anatomy are studied, as a method to explain how to perform surgeries, while in the military industry they areUsed in conventional war tests where several animals are subjected to radiation and explosion tests, such is the case of the United States Department of Defense that every year uses at least 320.000 primates, dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats and other animals in animal experimentation.

Therefore, doing animals tests has been very useful with respect to time, since it was possible to discover medications that allow several diseases to be treated and prevent, preventing a lot of people from dying. Also investigating animals has diversified knowledge in different areas such as education and different types of industries.  

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