Animal Abuse As A Social Problem

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Animal abuse as a social problem


Animal abuse seems never to end, every day we find each bad news of animals apparently they have no awareness in what they do and always do the same every day we find, abandoned, with deaths with clandestine fights, or they close them in close, apparently they have no heart when doing that do not know how much they suffer so much abuse.

In other cases, the adopted animals that are sent to the homes of their new owners in order to give them a company, affection and even provide them with a bit of affection, but in very hard situations they end up belittled from their owners or to vent from theirproblems end up taking away with these helpless victims abandoning them and leaving them alone in the world or even taking away the most precious ones they have, their life

There are many forms of abuse: these are, not feed animals correctly or not give them optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions, to the physical or psychological punishment of the animals.


To begin with, animals are living beings that can be moved by their own means, but they do not have a cognitive development like the human being, they do have a level of intelligence, they react to stimuli, they feel pain, generate stress and canhave a bad behavior produced by leading a life full of abuse and violence.

But I think everyone does not think the same and they don’t know what an animal should deserve .Around the world there are numerous organizations in favor of animal respect, these organizations wanthours.

Animal abuse is something delicate. Well, it is the most inhuman that a person can cause an animal since they also feel pain and despair, it has also been discovered that many of the activities we do daily, are part of a type of abuse. I know that this does not happy, but everything has an explanation.

Since when teaching some activity or education we shout them or if we hit them and that is where they feel they are mistreating them.

However, only the behavior of animals that feel fear of the owner can make the alarm jump that he is being mistreated by them.

Cruelty and abandonment cross all economic and social borders and media reports suggest that animal abuse is common in rural and urban areas.

Animal abuse as a social problem

  • Culture

Some human traditions are accompanied by blood or animal suffering, such as the bull jubilation, the rotation of the dog or ducks into the water, for putting some examples. Many consider that bullfight, which are part of the culture of Spain since the 18th century, are cruel and unnecessary.

  • Business.

Giving priority to earnings on animal welfare is another cause of abuse. The sale of skins or bones, the raising of dogs, clandestine fights, among many other activities, are carried out in all parts of the world.

  • Perversity.

Lately, videos have circulated in the networks where individuals commit denigrant acts to different types of animals. Such facts have no more end than the perversity and morbid of both the producer and the spectator. Others, to avoid being judged by society, seek satisfaction in the suffering of animals in isolated or remote places.

What are the types of animal abuse?

Violence or animal abuse not only refers to blows or intentional ruthless acts. This can acquire many different ways, and even disguise yourself as normal.

For example:

  • Clandestine fights
  • circuses
  • abandonment
  • dog breeding
  • Slaughterhouses
  • The bull race

In some of these practices animals can be injured and die from serious injuries.

Since in these practices those who organize these fights simply assume them as part of the costs of their business. The cruelty inherent in dog fights have to be punished not only with fines but with true fouls . Dog fights are not spontaneous or momentary facts;They are an intentional and cruel practice.

What can we do to avoid animal abuse?

Mainly we must organize among all to denounce the people who mistreat the animals or leave them on the street, we must have a rescue number to go whenever we see an act of cruelty with the animals, also when we see puppies in the streets we can adopt themalways with a responsibility to take care of them and not mistreat them.

We can take them to foundations where they can take care of them very well until they find a home.

We have to understand that those who adopt an animal must have a very large responsibility for them, because they need food, education and especially much love, because more than an animal they are part of our life

The most common victims

The animals that suffer more frequently of abuse, reported are dogs, cats, horses and cattle. The victim’s species was specified:

It is said that 70.1% were dogs.

And 20.9% were cats.

Factors on animal cruelty

Many dogs living in the streets are plagued with diseases such as kidney or heart disease as a result of the conditions in which they are.

Thousands of greyhound dogs die every year – some on behalf of the “selective breeding” – before they ever touch a racecourse installation. Many dogs do not reach the exact age of "retirement" of four or five years.

Due to genetic manipulation, 90% of fattening chickens (chickens raised specifically for meat production) have difficulty walking due to the weight they carry

Dog fights became very common in the United States after the civil war, with professional graves multiplying in the 1860s. And it was a source of entertainment for all those who had money as police officers and firefighters.

Today dog fights have been reported in urban, suburban and rural sites in many countries of the world.

More than 50% of the skin of animals in the USA.UU. It comes from China, where millions of dogs and cats are often bleeding and battered to death and blurred alive by their fur. Chinese skin is often poorly labeled, so if you use skin, there is no way you can know if it is an animal or normal

More than one hundred fifteen million animals such as: – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – die every year in laboratory experiments worldwide for chemical, pharmacological, food and cosmetics tests, forexperience new changes.

Animals are used in each circus and have been summoned by violating the minimum standards of care established by the Welfare animal (AWA) of the United States.

With bulls, most of the rodeo events that are made are based on the creation of an environment their quality level for domesticated animals and are often docile involved. Participants are based on severe manipulation practices (that is, twist.

Exotic pet trade is an industry of billions of dollars in the USA.UU. And while some wild pets are raised in captivity, many are taken from their native habitats. The stress of being violently forced to leave their homes causes a high number of these animals to die prematurely.


Many times the causes can be because people want to feel superior to animals and abuse are directly or indirectly and this influences their lives and people’s lives, since if a girl observes that they are mistreating an animal, it producesa psychological trauma.

However, one of the most likely cause of animal abuse is ignorance about the consequences of the abusive behavior of some people towards animals, some have the belief that abuse to animals is justified, or have the perception that theAbuse is personally beneficial, whether they use them for fun or experimentation, among other things.


One of the consequences of animal abuse would be abandonment, the death of animals

Animal cruelty includes a wide range of behaviors that include carelessness and abandonment, use them as fun, intentional acts of cruelty, among others. Whatever the form that adopts, animal cruelty tends to be a starting point for a much wider range of problems, since cruelty towards animals is generally linked to other crimes.

Generally, animal cruelty is a precedent of violence against people, according to a series of studies, people who committed abuse against animals are more likely to commit episodes of violence against people. Domestic violence and cruelty towards animals are also related, since many children who are mistreated are also more prone to abuse animals.


There are people who do not consider the issue of animal abuse important. They do not consider these as sensitive living beings so they do not recognize and respect that these also have rights which are stipulated in different laws. Most people do not know the laws that protect animals. Although these have not been created recently, they are not known by many people due to their ignorance, and they believe that animal abuse is not a crime that can be sanctioned, so they are not worried about practicing it. The lack of support for campaigns by government entities, is a threat that harms the dissemination of laws, so that all citizens are not effectively known. In addition, if there were better support from these entities, financing to carry out campaigns would be reduced and easily accessible, since the State has resources to carry out this type of projects. The lack of sensitivity of some people with the suffering of animals. There are people who torture or mistreat without feeling any penalty. According to studies, these people generally suffer from psychological disorders such as psychopathy.


I think you have to stop this situation, because there is no reason to mistreat animals, they are not to blame for some situations that may occur.

First of all, animals deserve decent care and since people are currently not aware of the responsibility that this implies, it is necessary to raise awareness about the reality that they live every day.

We could also save lives not only with campaigns but also adopting them. There are people who worship animals and pick them up from the streets in worse conditions, but take care of them and keep them healthy and in good condition.  

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