Al Capone: Biography, Historical Context In Which He Lived

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Al Capone: biography, historical context in which he lived

Biography of your life

Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in New York, died on January 25, 1947 at 48. Al Capone of Italian Emigrant Parents stood out as a good student, but due to the strict rules of the school he attended and those of his teacher, at age 14 he was expelled for aggression towards his teacher.

After this fact to Capone, he began working even in a sweet store, after this he first linked to small gangs, as time progressed and his experience to larger groups already related to organized crimes influenced by his mentor Johnny Torrio, arrivingTo be the bodyguard of the head of a criminal union, which was very politically protected.

The fall of Johnny Torrio has to do with the North Side Gang event in which Johnny Torrio is triggered 6 times being badly injured after this to Capone becomes the leader of the Liquor smuggling organization, illegal transport of it and byhalf of it benefit the mayor and police officers in order to have protection. This protection leads Al Capone to brib

These political alliances had to do with re -election of the mayors making proposals such as reopening illegal places with contributions of $ 250000 to finance these advertising campaigns

Al Capone manages to do the largest organization through violence against people who were against it, so much so of killresponsible for there to be more brothel at that time.

With the passage of time to Capone, he was already better known in Chicago both for his bad actions and good, good and giving donations to foundations, until the event in Valentine’s Day in which 7 gangs were killed this event was important for the life of the life ofThis character since all the media announced him as a public enemy number 1.

As for his personal life he was married to Mae Josephine Coughlin at age 19 in 1918 an Irish woman in the same year gave birth to her first child Albert Francis (1918-2004). To marry the Capone, he had to ask for authorization from his parents. They assure that they had a happy life despite being involved in organizations and gangs.

In the year of 1931 Al Capone was captured for tax evasion, Al Capone tried to reach an agreement with the judge who followed his case, but the case in favor of Al Capone fails sentenced to 11 years in prison. In accordance with Capone, he met his judgment, he showed signs of neuro-siflis after turning 8 years already in pressure, every day he weakened more for that disease and was released at the same time of 8 years, on January 25, 1947 he dies of a cardiac after cardiacof a stroke.

Historical context in which he lived

Economy of the country in which he lived: Al Capone was born in New York and from an early age he gets involved in mafia groups later he is transferred to Chicago to develop completely as a Gánster.

Upon arriving in Chicago the United States was about to approve. This dry law consisted of prohibiting alcohol as manufacturing, import, export, transportation and the sale of this. This beneficiary prohibition for black markets of liquors that would sell people who will have the ability to pay them in order to meet their needs.

The persistent demand to obtain alcoholic beverages benefit the clandestine industries, traffic and commercialization between one of these organizations that of Al Capone that gained millions.When this law is approved, organized crime increases one of those that comes out at this time is to the Capone and other gánsters.

After these events developed for 1 year by this law, this was modified for intoxicating liquors to be manufactured, import, export, transportation and sale. This law was in force since 1912, it was ratified in 1913 and was repealed in 1933.

International Economy: With respect to the international sphere, the First World War was ending and a great economic crisis would arrive during the twenties, in the United States it is also known as Black Thursday, this crisis would last 10 years.

This depression generated devastating effects in several rich and poor countries. As in the United States this crisis had expanded as an epidemic throughout the world, this affected international trade and unemployment affection to 25% of the US inhabitants.UU. And in other countries reaching higher figures, extending until the end of World War.

Before this crisis some people came to make a great fortune, among one of these people was to the Capone that managed to make their fortune through traffic and commercialization of liquors, this crisis hard 10 years and during those years several people were left without aplace to live in this difficult time for Americans.

Al Capone opened a dining room for Italian emigrants in Chicago in order to help them resist that very difficult time, they assure that he spent $ 300 daily to pay the consumption of these people that was practically nothing compared to the bribes that he granted to police officersand mayors.

Professional development

Al Capone studio until he.

More would meet his mentor Johny Torrio, who would include him in criminal gangs.

After this time I manage to be the backs of Frankie Yale and Antonio "Tony the Malo" a gangster who ordered Al Capone to extort the owners of premises for their own benefits. Al Capone worked as a collector and waiter in a nightclub from which his boss was owned, all this happens in Brooklyn before moving to Chicago

In 1925 in Chicago a gánster for which he worked at Capone dies in suspicious conditions this makes the Capone take the post and leads the organization which he dedicated to prostitution, illegal games and alcohol trafficking. Al Capone set out to be better and the greatest mafia and in 1 year I achieve it by eliminating its greatest rivals an example of this is the well -known Valentine’s massacre. Created the crime union becoming the "king of the underworld", generating huge profits with alcohol trafficking, thanks to the dry law.

Tax evasion

The figure of the mafia led a very luxurious life but never declared taxes therefore they had to be accused of tax evasion, they could easily be accused since they had enough evidence to do so it was not as difficult to get evidence as that of a homicide. After leaving his sentence he stopped being the immediate boss, but his continuous Chicago team without being disturbed by the authorities, now this organization handled a lower profile.

With respect to health after being released he was transferred to the Hopkins Hospital in which by his reputation he was denied, but in the Hospital Unión Memorial he was admitted without problem to the Capone was very thanked for the treatment of him, so much so that Dono 2 cherry treesJapanese weeping the hospital, after being in recovery it is discharge and leave the hospital.

In 1946, his doctor and a Baltimore psychiatrist examined him and concluded that Capone had the mentality of a 12 -year -old boy. Capone spent the last years of his life in his mansion in Florida, spending time with his wife and grandchildren. 

On January 21, 1947, Capone had a stroke. He regained consciousness and began to improve, but contracted neurisifilis. 

He suffered a cardiac arrest on January 22 and January 25, surrounded by his family at home, Capone died after his heart failed originally was buried in the Mount Olivet cemetery in Chicago. In 1950, the remains of Capone, along with his father’s, Gabriele, and his brother, Salvatore, were transferred to Mount Carmel’s cemetery in Illinois

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