Activities And Animal Communication

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Activities and animal communication


Animal rights activists are people who protect and work against people who hurt animals. Animal rights activists usually protest peacefully or work with large organizations such as RSPCA, Lort Smith, Animals Australia and many more. They work against industrial agriculture, experimentation with animals and other abuses of the animal kingdom. An animal activist believes that animals deserve to live a life free of cruelty.


Animal activists live throughout the world, although the main problem is that vegan activists do everything possible for their beliefs / opinions on the current topic. Due to their illegal actions and purple raid, many of them are being arrested by search and go to court for improper disobedience. An example of this problem would be in Melbourne.

Forty activists of vegan animals and their supporters have been accused by Melbourne police for their appeals to end animal cruelty. At the intersection of Flinders Street and Swanston Street, traffic at the peak hour stopped completely when the protesters were chained to vehicles in Melbourne. 

A protester was accused of obstructing an emergency worker and could be imprisoned for up to five years, two 17 -year -old girls, one of 15 years and 36 adults were accused of crimes related to obstructing a road resisting the police, werereleased on bail and face cut at a later date. Melbourne CBD and the selective slaughterhouse throughout the country closed briefly because the ‘activists’ chained the machinery and put their hands in the pipes so that they could not separate. The protesters also gathered in Mataderos in Corio, Pakenham.


In my opinion, I think that vegan animals activists have reached unnecessarily extensive levels to ensure that their beliefs are disseminated, although it is possible that others do not create the same. If these people feel the need to protest something they believe in, they must do it peacefully and not stop others for continuing their day. 

They should not damage something that is not yours, but what they are damaging is also someone’s lifestyle when stopping the work of a day and also preventing someone from receiving their payment that day due to damages. Damage to the streets and places cost taxpayers to repair the damage that has been done. They call themselves ‘animal rights activists’ but when they go to someone’s farm they don’t even realize, but with all the shock they are scaring animals and that is why they jump the fence and harm are hurt. Although I think that big organizations have more impact than protesters.

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