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Before suffering the invasion by the West, the ethnicities that lived there were the Araucanians and Taíos, free peoples with their own culture that were exploited, enslaved and culturally despised. The island suffered two great invasions, one of them after the invasion of Christopher Columbus in 1492 that originated the arrival of hundreds of African slaves, who were forced to migrate violently bringing their culture and musically, some instruments. 


In 1655, Jamaica was again invaded by the United Kingdom, which also produced that the Jamaican culture was affected by English culture, including musical influences, but also the education received by young Jamaicans in schools in schools is also influenced, placing the culture and essence of the island oppressed by the English. Jamaica achieves his independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, becoming a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

With the arrival of Jamaican independence, the people continued in very hard conditions, so the voice of the black peoples began to be proclaimed in the late 60s. The powerful speakers of the Sound System began to be used that changed in a particular media, thus becoming the voice of the people. 

The Sound System began to be configured as a set of speakers with a mixing table and an amplifier, which consisted of taking the most powerful sound players that could be found in the market, used to be transported in a van or a vehicle, creating something Just as a mobile disco, the merchants took the opportunity to sell drinks or food, they were placed in a large plain and this place became him Dance Hall, manifesting himself as the art of the victory of the Jamaican people after the independence of the United Kingdom.

Gradually the appearance of the Sound System, replaced live music. Discs submerged in the emerging SKA rhythms, gave strength to a new black generation in Jamaica, the first styles that were nourished were American rhythms, sounds such as R&B (Rhythm and Blues), folk, rocksteady, calipso , Among others that merged and flowing into the ska (first Jamaicin style), which would go to reggae and later to the Dub. 

It was also an important moment, since the creation of hundreds of curious young people who made these rhythms would progress were sown. The first purely Jamaican style was SKA, which was evolving by the British influence of the R&B, merged with purely African sounds. The first Sound System in the streets, and the meetings of the dances exerted relevant social pressure and cohesion of the black population.

In 1968 a year of recognition and great successes, rocksteady is presented as a very rich style musically, the result of the fusion of ska, soul, ment, calipso, influences of the British sound of the R&B and the root of which the purest Reggae Roots (subgenre of reggae that developed in Jamaica from ska and rocksteady and became famous outside the Caribbean, to a large extent, thanks to the legendary singer and composer Bob Marley). Music in these years exerts great influence.

During the 60s and 70s, when these musical rhythms became popular, virtually a sound in each neighborhood and thus the battles of DJs (Soundclash) began, each neighborhood had its own team and defended it as such, this created a great feeling of unity and identification, at the beginning there was a great healthy competition that motivated the groups in each area to be better and get every time sounds and higher quality issues. Each neighborhood had its sound and its faithful followers, they used to get healthy competitions to demonstrate who were the best.

The songs began entering the island by boat, before Jamaica there were record houses; Those who could not go out to go to the United Kingdom to buy acetates and, therefore, commissioned a boy who brought unpublished vinyls. Once in the hands of the DJ this one, so that their competition could not know what point or what artist it was and each team had their own sections and that was a large part of the competition. The followers of each Sound knew the songs of their DJs, they silenced the points for a few seconds so that their audience sing them and thus demonstrate to the surrounding Sounds, that the communities when singing their issues demonstrated a sign of power. 


He Dance Hall became a transcendent meeting point. The black population of all neighborhoods joined and not only to dance, but also to create a political forum with ideas to improve the political and civil situation of the population. In fact, some of reggae songs were used in political campaigns. Therefore, it became a site to grow and make contacts, since any Jamaican interested in music could go to dances and participate in the entire show generated, and if it was worth soon it would be united to some sound. 

The best way to find out was undergoing the public, because it was they who would rule and play the role of jury. It was, therefore, a contact agency and a point of collective creation, optimism, union and strength, since, positive vibrations at the rhythm of rocksteady, ska and reggae were much more than a fun distraction, it was a way to celebrate the own identification of their culture.

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