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concentration camps for people considered as a threat to national security including Americans of Japanese, German and Italian origin (McMillion 4). The issuing of Executive Order 9066 by President Roosevelt was not morally justified since it was baseless and promoted discrimination against Japanese Americans The Executive order 9066 was not morally justified since it did have evidence basis. The government did not have evidence that Japanese-Americans aided their Japanese army in any way as spies of sending messaging during the Port Harbor attack. Instead, it assumed that Japanese-Americans were more likely to be loyal to Japanese government than that of American (McMillion 5), thus sabotaging...

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concentration camps, one in Dachau and the other in Auschwitz. Everyone believed the Nazi soldiers were all inhumane and monstrous, but the narrator tries to highlight a bit on the brighter side of these soldiers and their collaborators. He mentions how these soldiers shared photos of their families back home and were concerned about them; also when they were among themselves they were friendly, for instance, when one guard tells Henri, “Hey you, fatty…pass mal auf, want a drink?” (Borowski, 2311). The collaborators’ human part was displayed when doing their first job where they are devastated with the idea of carrying dead infants from trucks as if they were chicken. This illustrates that...



concentration camps where some were killed in gas chambers while others were subjected to forced labor without food and water. The genocide continued until 1945 when World War II came to an end. Furthermore, in concentration camps the Jews were made to stay for long without food and these caused many people to starve to death. In the concentration camps, the living conditions were poor and hence the mortality rate was almost 50%. In 1942, there was high demand of these concentration camps, and this led to Hitler to authorize construction of six larger camps in Poland.These camps were designed for mass killings. It is estimated that Hitler was able to establish about 1500 camps in the whole of Europe....

concentration camps and murdered. Even the so-called allies, which was the United Nations, who could help them failed to do so. Countries that were opposed to Hitler’s acts took no action as he committed unspeakable acts. Question 6 It is impossible to reconcile God and evil as the two cannot coexist. The only this is possible is if evil disappears and God takes over. A reconciliation of the two, however, is impossible. “The biggest question is where God was during the suffering. Imagining Auschwitz both with and without God was impossible.” Question 7 “All the progress made by man was erased in a single instance. People had to rethink and rearrange their lives.” I agree with the statement...

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concentration camps immediately after the attack (Weber, 4). The American government termed the exercises as a national security measure. On the other hand, the Germans rounding up the Jews was not instantly instead it was rather hesitantly and slow. It was until the soviet-Germany battle that the Jews were rounded up and the Holocaust actually began. Therefore, in German’s defense, the Holocaust was based on a nation security precaution that they were obligated to implement as a country. In conclusion, in 1935, the American had laid down a long-standing policy that prohibited white Americans from marrying Negroes and Caucasian (Weber, 6). In the same year, the Germans adopted the same ideology...

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