The Reality Lived By Ana Frank

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The reality lived by Ana Frank


The main reason why he wrote his novel is for the thousands of children who are thinking of undertaking this trip, do not go through the "hell" he had to pass, to take a legal and safe departure having acquired previous knowledge. In addition to having founded its own organization, Nasco, which helps create an educational environment in Africa to give them the necessary tools, to decide their future having received an information in information education. 


With the publication of the book, all the funds raised were directed for this cause. All this bad experience has arisen because of the author’s illiteracy at that time, that is why he was fooled so easily and what almost causes death on different occasions. This lack of education, as previously said, is one of the reasons why Umar failed to recognize the deception and what later became a nightmare. 

On the other hand, there is another case of a victim who announced his experience indirectly, this is Ana Frank, a girl from thirteen and her father, Otto Heinrich Frank., which published his testimony. Ana Frank was a Jew who lived in Holland, along with her family, during the invasion of Germany. She and her family had to hide in the attic where her father had the offices, since the Jews were persecuted and sent to concentration camps during that time.

 They were hidden there for months, helped by friends, not Jews, their own who brought them food and needs to subsist. Ana during her stay in that attic wrote a newspaper in which she pointed like her day to day and for everything that had to happen in that situation, in addition to expressing all her feelings and emotions.


In 1944, the Gestapo discovered them because of a witness and her family and she were deported to concentration camps. There, Ana continued with her diary. Unfortunately, the whole family died in those fields except for the father. Once he could leave the concentration camp, all his belongings were returned, including his daughter’s diary. 

After reading the newspaper he decided to make it public, in this way to be able to teach for what he and thousands of people lived because of the Nazis. With this he managed to teach the reality of the concentration camps and raise awareness of people about the situation lived by the Jews. They took advantage of the sale of the book to support the rights of childhood, that is, to raise funds so that the children could study.

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