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carbon monoxide that is very toxic and can lead to suffocation. Technicians should avoid testing forklifts in poorly ventilated locations for long. If they need to leave the engine running for long, open spaces would be the best place to do it. Elevated forklifts usually depend solely on hydraulic systems to remain in place. Working under high forklifts requires extra support to ensure the weight does not fall on a technician should the hydraulic system fail. This additional support should be obtained from standard quality blocks, and lack of them is a recipe for injury or even death. Cracks in the engine or hydraulic cylinders can be potentially hazardous. If technicians fail to use magnet...

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Carbon Monoxide Ozone respectively. The Lead compounds reduction was chiefly due to the phasing out of Lead in gasoline. This in itself has led to cleaner cities across the country. Besides, in the year 1990, about two hundred thousand deaths were avoided (Portney, 1990). These were deaths brought about by exposure to lead. Global warming is a phenomenon that happens as a result of heat being trapped in the atmosphere. Among the gases responsible is carbon (IV) Oxide which mainly results from combustive functions. Scientifically, global warming can be tracked by checking changes in the earth’s temperatures. During the last century, there has been an increase of 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit mostly during...

carbon monoxide. The lack of air conditioning led to some death of those who were undergoing treatment. In our area, there was lack of electricity supply due to the distortion brought by the hurricanes. One could neither surf the internet nor make phone calls as the network was lost during that event. The sanitation was wanting because the sewage overflowed. It was a terrible experience. However, later, I read the newspaper that the government is claiming that the damage was less as compared to what they had...

carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur oxides, and depletion of the ozone layer (Larsen, pg. 13). Environmental pollution prevents the business from practicing sustainability in its operations since most of the factors required to do so have been affected by the pollution. This is a barrier that needs to be addressed quickly to sustainability practice within businesses. Financial constrains is another barrier that has made it hard to achieve sustainability in business. Financial aid plays a great role in financing the activities involved that ensure the success of sustainability (Larson et al.). If a business lack financial aid, it will not be able to apply the various sustainability measures...



carbon monoxide (CO), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Particulate matter, toxic heavy metals, Ammonia (NH3), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and radioactive pollutants (Valero, 2014). The secondary pollutants include the particulate matter (pm) formed as a result of the photochemical smog and the gaseous form of the primary air pollutants. The smog combines in the atmosphere with the help of the sunlight to form secondary pollutants and may combine again with primary pollutants to form photochemical smog. Other secondary air pollutants include the ground-level ozone (O3) form from the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen oxides and peroxyacetyl nitrite (PAN) formed in a similar manner as...

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carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide that deplete the ozone layer. Currently, the ozone has been depleted by 11% around the U.S, 9% around China and 8% in India; this accounts for the increased instances of skin cancer (Wang & Hao, 2012). The ozone depletion has resulted in global warming that causes unbearable temperatures during the day in some parts of China. Breathing polluted air also poses the risk of contracting infections such as chronic bronchitis, nausea, cough, kidney and liver damage. Health Promotion and Prevention Different organizations are working together in ensuring the levels of air pollution globally are managed. For instance, the World Bank is funding awareness campaigns...