Break With The Routine And Cheer Up

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Break with the routine and cheer up


If you are a usual corridor, you may be constantly looking for new challenges and decide to carry out your training on different surfaces such as the mountain. With the aim of helping you stimulate your motivation and improve your physical performance, in this article we will review what are the benefits of running on the mountain. Running on the mountain is ideal for clearing the mind and enjoying a natural environment, something perfect to break the routine and evade the thrilling rhythm and the usual stress in the big cities. 


As if that were not enough, it is very beneficial for your body and advantageous at the cardiovascular level, in addition to providing a progression in the racing rhythm, however, we always recommend that runners who wish to run on the mountain do so when there is good lighting and theconditions are the ideal. On the contrary, there is a risk that runners suffer injuries or have guidance problems. In any case, running on the mountain is exceptional because it allows you to enjoy the athletes of silence and breathe fresh air while exercising. 

Next, we will review what are the benefits of running on the mountain. Take note! Benefits of running on the mountain. There is no doubt that running on the mountain brings with it an ideal atmosphere to maintain and increase the pleasure of running while enjoying an exceptional environment. In health terms, the mountain is less contaminated than the city and running in the different landscapes will allow you to increase your performance. You will see how once you finish your training sessions you will feel much more relaxed!

Improve your performance. Running on the mountain requires more climbs and changes in rhythm and direction due to the different elevations. During the climbs, you will strengthen your muscles, which will make you even more powerful during road races. Your muscles will grow and adapt to the inclination and decline of the terrain, and you will gain an explosive speed by avoiding natural obstacles. After several days of mountain training, you will find that you run much faster on flatter surfaces.

Running on the mountain allows you. Your respiratory system will enjoy the fresh air of the mountain instead of the constant carbon monoxide emissions of cars that cook the cities. It compromises different muscles unlike running in the asphalt as most runners do, running on the mountain offers new feet angles that request muscles that serve to boost the next step. 

Whether the changes in the land and, often, the hills that accompany the paths, run in the mountain require the participation of different muscle groups more frequently than you would simply run on flat roads. This is a great impulse for your practical resistance and will work with muscle groups that you didn’t even know you had. Also, in the mountain the buttock muscles work to a greater extent than in a flat terrain, since the foot should be higher than during a normal race. 

In addition, the upper body is more inclined forward than to run horizontally, allowing you to work your back muscles, arms and shoulders. You burn more calories more effort for elevation and altitude will help your body burn more calories. So if you want to lose weight quickly, you will burn fat much faster doing high intensity in the mountain than on flat surface tracks. As you have been able to observe, running on the mountain allows you to have a healthy mind and body.


Run in addition to providing numerous benefits. So if you are an experienced corridor, it can be ideal to break the routine and enjoy a natural environment. As in any other scenario, do not forget to make a good stretching session before and after each training. In case of injury, you must retake the sports activity gradually, favoring the practice in a flat terrain and avoiding downstream races.

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