Relationship Between Lung Cancer And Smoking

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Relationship between lung cancer and smoking

Lung cancer is one of the main causes of death and has a direct correlation with smoking tobacco, this type of cancer specific is the second most common that affects both men and women.

The cigar is a common drug in society that we can see it everywhere, it became popular at the end of the 19th century. It is the common way in which we can find tobacco, this consists of a dry blade of rolled tobacco with a sheet of rice paper.

The habit of smoking tobacco, is the consumption of nicotine legally for recreational purposes. The majority percentage of smokers on the planet are found in countries with low socioeconomic status, as is considered a male tendency throughout the decades, since studies show that men with a large amount of testosterone are more prone to smoking tobacco.

Both tobacco and cigar has been present in numerous historical events, from the arrival of Columbus to the named world wars. Man has had the tendency to consume it to control anxiety. Such is the case, that in World War II numerous amounts were paid for a cigar.

Frequent tobacco consumption creates a strong dependence thanks to nicotine, this can be affirmed by saying that it becomes greater than opium addiction, cocaine and among other high -impact drugs.

The content of this drug is based on different chemical components, it can be decreed that there are about 4,000 chemical substances in the formation of a cigar. Among those components 70 can become carcinogenic, the best known are: nicotine, arsenic, tar, ammonia, butane, methane, cadmium, carbon monoxide, among others.

At present, the rules of organization do not write dictate certain spaces to practice this consumption. Such is the case that in restaurants and/or recreational centers there are areas of smokers and non -smokers, this to avoid contact for people desired to the cigar and those who do not, since it is well known that there are two types of people who are affectedTo this act:

Practitioners, those who voluntarily inhale the smoke of the cigar;And the non -smokers, who are those who are affected by breathing the environment the remains in the atmosphere.

In many countries the minimum age for cigar consumption is at 18, however there are a large number of people who smoke below that age range.

The illegal trade that causes health, economic and security problems, has been shown that approximately 1 in 10 cigarettes is coming from illegal trade. It is estimated that 12% of cigarettes consumed worldwide are illegally produced.

Lung cancer turns out to be a set of malignant diseases for our system, the most frequent symptoms are usually the difficulty breathing, coughing that is accompanied with blood and weight loss. There are two types of lung cancer: the microcytic and the non -microcytic. This difference turns out to be the treatment, such is the case that the first mentioned can be cured with chemotherapy and radiation and the second is usually with laser surgery.

The most common cause of lung cancer turns out to be smoking. The early diagnosis of this type of cancer can result in a successful healing, unfortunately this occurs only with 20% of cases.

However, the difficulty for early detection lung cancer is accompanied by liver cancer, pancreas and esophagus. This generates an average hope of eight months of life.

This type of cancer turns out to be one of the most serious diseases and the one that generates the most mortality rates worldwide. For example, in men 1 in 15 it turns out to have this disease and in the case of women 1 in 17, this varies significantly between those who are smokers and not.

Black men are more likely to have lung cancer approximately 20% compared to the white race, on the other hand, black women have 10% greater probability than white women in suffering from this sametype of cancer. This can only say that both in men and black women are more likely to get sick.

In this writing the topic to explore will be to determine what the mortality index in people suffering from lung cancer. To do this, results on smokers and non -smoking will be sought. With this study it is expected to demonstrate that it is more likely to suffer from cancer in people with the habit of smoking tobacco.

It has been confirmed that tobacco and possible air pollution is a strong factor that generates lung cancer. Among results thanks to different searches, an approximate number between 80 and 90 percent of lung cancer occurs in people who smoke, or who have stopped smoking recently.

The risk of a person increases 60 or 70 percent more in people who smoke two boxes per day for 20 years, compared to someone who does not smoke.

It is well known that the abandonment of smoking reduces the probability of contracting this type of cancer, however it is never compared to those who have never tried it. There is a period of five years in which a high risk of probability of contracting this disease is maintained.

Non -smokers or passive smokers is that person who constantly breathes the smoke of the tobacco of those people around him, these social spheres can be home, work or in public places.

Next, the results obtained in detail of the death indices by smoking in the region of Mexico will be exposed, as it will be demonstrated that lung cancer is usually accompanied by people who have a high addiction rate by nicotine. And finally, publicize the consequences that go hand in hand with a smoker’s life.

“In Mexico there are about 11 million smokers, near 9.8% of the total population. According to data from the Mexican Council against smoking, every year in the country 60,000 people die for causes attributable to tobacco, which represents 165 deaths per day." 

Nicotine is one that produces physical changes and humor changes in the brain that become pleasant, but only temporarily. These effects make the person want to consume tobacco constantly causing dependence. At the same time, the abandonment of consumption creates withdrawal symptoms, among them are irritability and anxiety.

“The tobacco nicotine is one that causes the dependence of nicotine, and the cause of the toxic effects of tobacco are other substances that it carries. Smokers are those that have much higher rates in heart disease, strokes and cancers than non -smokers."(3)

“The habit of smoking harms the person almost all the organs of the body, and has been linked to cataracts and pneumonia (pneumonia) and causes a third of the deaths related to any type of cancer. In other words, the cancer death index is doubled in smokers and becomes up to four times more in the inveterate smokers." 

In conclusion, thanks to the results obtained through research we can affirm that cigar is one of the strongest and most addictive drugs that cause dependence with great social and economic impact without belittling pulmonary and cardiovascular damage, among others. Therefore, both social and governmental -standard measures must be implemented to reduce tobacco consumption.


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