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biomedical research. I wanted to make a change in the world especially with so many diseases afflicting a vast majority of the population. I thought to myself that if I could find the cure to just one major disease, then I would have accomplished my purpose. I started conducting research on the best colleges to pursue my desired career while also looking for who the best biomedical researchers were. After a thorough survey of the best schools in the country, I stumbled on the University of Massachusetts or UMass. I had not realized when I was going through the vast amounts of data on the internet, but UMass was the perfect school for me. For starters, it offers some of the most competitive tuition...

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Biomedical Research but was restructured to portray a commitment to original quality papers in the field of biomedical informatics. Even though biomedical sciences applications motivate the journal, it focuses on reports of new techniques and methodologies that have general applications and that make the basis for the changing field of biomedical informatics. The last journal that the article uses to arrive at its conclusion is one known as the Perspectives in Health Information Management. This is a peer-reviewed journal which aims at advancing the base of knowledge for the practice of information management and health informatics. The core focus of the journal is on creating a link between...

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