Bioethical And Ethical Aspects In Health

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Bioethical and ethical aspects in health

In all professions that are linked to life sciences and also related to what are health sciences, they are necessary values that all that person must have in this workplace either in an occupation as a teacher or research, sinceWe must have this clear when doing biomedical research.

On the other hand, the behavior that must be professionally in medicine is medical ethics, since here there is a relationship between the patient and doctor, there have been many advances in the field of biology and medicine and these have raised ethical problems which which whichThey do not enter into the theoretical definition and in the practice of traditional medical ethics, such was the impact that this problem was had, thus creating a revolution in decision -making which also brought concerns, having these problems came to create theDiscipline called Bioethics, in addition to arguing that the ecosystem is in danger, therefore we must know how to differentiate between scientific knowledge and humanistic knowledge.

There are ethical and bioethical dilemmas that are related to confidentiality, use of subjects to experience, distribution and carry out sanitary measures for schools, work centers, prisons, since the work of the bioethics tool is that in the hands of scientists the scientists aremanage to reverse the ethical difficulties that are.

Different ethical standards defined in international professional research statements of human biomedicine have shown what it is, about what is considered as an investigation in medium and low levels, also of compliance with the norms and the direct impact thatThey have in health, on which patients benefit from a better infrastructure and ability to investigate and reduce local health. It is necessary that those who know this ethical regulation and their possible benefits for public health, also that members participate with the qualifications and experiences required to review and evaluate ethical, scientific and methodological aspects of the projects that are being prepared.

From Hippocrates to the last century, there was a relationship between doctor and patient, that is, the doctor decided what was correct for the patient and this obeyed the provisions.

Currently, in society the patient should be respected as a medical-patient relationship, the patient once informed, can decide what is best for him, it is important not to confuse this horizontal exchange with unlimited autonomy, because the doctor alwayswill show you all opportunities and patient support in any decision you make. Scientific research implies something ethical and bioethical, rather than a reflection reflected in the section on methodological design discussed several times superficial. In fact, ethics must always shed light in human action and, therefore, scientific development. Research must satisfy a need that will seek the truth through knowledge, but it is important that everyone has at least an ethical foundation that guarantees that what is done is for the good of man, society and ecosystem.

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