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ammonia and urea among other wastes. The result of caffeine intake includes darker, colored and smelly urine. The observations made from the urine of a coffee consumer are further supported by the writer who points out that the concentration of water in the urine is low due to the prevention of sodium ion reabsorption which in the long run upsurges the urination at the same time lowers water filtration. After water intake, the amount of urine production will increase, and the clarity of the urine will also be visible unless there are some abnormalities. From the observation of the lab exercise, the amount of urine produced by the samples group across different ages and sex increased after consuming...

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ammonia or some rotten eggs. The drawings and the writings on the walls were even terrifying. There were old pictures taken in the medieval times with the black and white cameras. The drawings were in no doubt satanic, and the writings were in some way Latin. We started moving around and even forgotten the tragedy outside. Alice spotted an old telephone near a corner clogged with spider webs. On lifting the mouthpiece, a giant black spider almost bit me. Little did we know that the telephone was now a habitat for the spiders. As we crawled backward while screaming, I happened to touch a smooth and slithery creature which I came to realize it was a snake. The creature had coiled near an abandoned...

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Ammonia (NH3), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and radioactive pollutants (Valero, 2014). The secondary pollutants include the particulate matter (pm) formed as a result of the photochemical smog and the gaseous form of the primary air pollutants. The smog combines in the atmosphere with the help of the sunlight to form secondary pollutants and may combine again with primary pollutants to form photochemical smog. Other secondary air pollutants include the ground-level ozone (O3) form from the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen oxides and peroxyacetyl nitrite (PAN) formed in a similar manner as Ozone (Shifrin, 2014). Sources of Air Pollution The primary sources of air pollutions are...

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