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Aerobic exercise improves the pumping of the heart and the sweat glands boosting the size hippocampus which is involved in learning and verbal memory. Exercise results in the release of the growth factors in the cerebral area affecting the growth of brain cells and blood vessels. The survival rate of new brain cells is increased (Brunoni, André, and Vanderhasselt 7). After exercise, they reduce anxiety and fall asleep. Those people who exercise more have high recalling abilities than those who don’t. Nutritional health: Eating well improves your mental health. Eating food with lots of fats increases the cholesterol level in the blood vessels. They are the vessels that supply the brain with the...

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aerobic exercise, an athlete can achieve a desired cardiac output by increasing their stroke volume compared to their non-athletic counterparts (Drezner et al. 2012). Hence, athletes do not have to increase their heart rate to achieve the desired cardiac output unlike their non-athletic counterparts. To recall, cardiac output is a product of stroke volume and heart rate. Hence, a low heart rate in athletes promote cardiac filling and ensures higher stroke volume compared to their non-athletic counterparts. Additionally, exercise training leads to cholinergic stimulation of the SA (sino-atrial) node. To recall, SA node is referred as the pacemaker cells of the myocardium. Cholinergic stimulation leads...

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