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going to set up/register your company (city and state) and why? Elite Freight and Logistics Company will be registered in Kampong Glam, Singapore. This is because there are rigid financial institutions in the country and hence it would be easier to access capital. Also, there are good judicial systems in the country. The city is also strategically located near the coastline where freight goods can be easily transported through the sea. The city offers an excellent location since the primary market for the freight business will be in China, India, and Africa. Also, there are no capital gains tax that are deducted in Singapore. Based on where you set up/register the company and where you will do...

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Going, Where Have You? By Joyce Carol Oates In the story Where Are You Going, Where Have You? Arnold friend’s character is likened to a serial killer. He laughed over nothing when Connie said she did not want to go for a ride with him. According to the author, He laughed as if she had said something funny (Oates 5). The laughter is weird in that; we only laugh when something is amusing or exciting. At this point, nothing seems to be enchanting or funny. Connie just gave a simple answer that she would not ride with them because she had many things to do. The laughter is then followed by a strange standing posture (Oates 5). The guy was standing as if balancing by leaning back against a car they had...

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