The Shah-E-Cheragh Sanctuary In Iran

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The Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary is one of the great jewels that the monumental city of Shiraz keeps in Iran. One of the country’s great treasures for the artistic quality it keeps, and also for the spiritual value it represents for the Iranian people. For that reason, the visit must always be very respectful.


Behavior rules in Shah-E-Cheragh Sanctuary

The first thing we want to highlight are the rules of behavior that must be followed when visiting the SHAH-E-CHERAGH Shrine. It is a really sacred site for Iran. For that reason, it is very important to give it the value it deserves. This value is understood from the moment it is seen that there are more security measures here than in other religious buildings in the country. On the other hand, in the Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary they must visit men and women separately. As for women, they must wear a white chador, while Muslim women carry black.

Along with this, you have to follow minimum rules of silence and respect. And in addition, another mandatory rule is the prohibition of taking pictures inside. Although it is a truly spectacular site.

What is the SHAH-E-CHERAGH Shrine?

Interior of the SHAH-E-CHERAGH sanctuary

Interior of the SHAH-E-CHERAGH sanctuary

The Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary is one of the most sacred places in Iran, not just for being a mosque. Above all, because it is the mausoleum where the tombs of Amir Ahmad and his brother Mir Muhammad is located. There were two magnets who took refuge in the city after being persecuted by their Muslim religion.

The presence of his tombs in the Shah-E-Choragh sanctuary made this place a constant pilgrimage center since the fourteenth century. And for that reason, the mosque and a Koranic school was subsequently built.

The Shah-E-Choragh sanctuary from the outside

Exterior of the Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary

SHAH-E-CHERAGH SANCOUTY-Diego Delso / Wikimedia Commons

The external appearance of the Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary is already imposing. Of all its volume, the two alminars that serve to call the faithful to prayer in the mosque attract attention.

The bulbous dome in the center of space also stands out. A spectacular, day, but especially at night, when the whole set receives vibrant lighting.

The truth is that an impressed one is already impressed to see the building and its delicate ornamentation in its eaves or in its slender columns. And of course, also at its monumental door, decorated with enamels and golden tones. A door that all pilgrims kiss her upon arrival. But we still have the best.

The Shah-E-Choragh Sanctuary from within

SHAH-E-CHERAGH Shrine dome

Interior of the dome – David Holt / Wikimedia Commons

But, if the SHAH-E-CHERAGH sanctuary view is sumptuous, when one goes inside, it simply gets impacted. Actually, the respectful attitude we requested at first is almost impossible to break it in this space.

Anyone who enters the sanctuary is overwhelmed with its beauty and keeps a silence of admiration for this architectural jewel.

The pantheon is moving. All its interior is covered with small crystals and mirrors that make the brightness, reflexes and light games infinite and variable. In fact, its appearance is changing according to the hours of the day it is visited.

What does not change is the spirituality that is breathed in the enclosure. Muslims, of course, live this moment with a tremendous emotion. Some touch the graves, others pray very concentrated, almost ecstatic. There are those that simply keep silent and reflect.

But the magic is that it is not necessary to be a Muslim faithful to feel all that spirituality. Tourists also perceive that atmosphere of mystery, respect and faith. It is an environment that truly shocks anyone who feels it.

In fact, there are countless travelers who after his return from a trip to Iran, say that one of the memories that will remain forever of this experience will be his visit to the Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary.


Are you going to travel to Iran? Are you going to miss living such sensations? You know, Shiraz points out as an essential destination, and the Shah-E-Cheragh sanctuary as an indengociable visit during your stay in this beautiful city.  

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