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future, their self - esteem will be reinforced. Stronger relationships Positive parenting facilitates the creation of strong ties between parents and children, which encourages healthy relationships between the two. That is, children who feel a close bond with their parents naturally want to please them and, therefore, strive to follow their advice and imitate their behavior."Many people think that discipline is the essence of breeding the children. But that's not fatherhood. Being a father is not telling his son what to do when he behaves badly (...) is to provide the conditions to perform her human potential ’. -Gordon Neufeld In short, the benefits of positive parenting can be observed...

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future teachers, it is very important to meet the child and their family context, as I said previously. This new vision of early care aims to meet the different needs that a family may have. To start we must observe the infant and study their family context, so in this way we will receive the necessary information to identify the main alterations and disorders of cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of the infant. Once the deficiency is detected, we must inform the families of the problem (subtle and correct) to among all to bring early attention to the practice in the best possible way. It is very important to establish a good climate and good communication with families, since...



future, and baseball has been used as a metaphor to represent the black American's people approach to life. It has been used as a comeback win. Troy has always been considered one of the prominent player in the history of the baseball during his time. A player who could have dominated the field in the history of baseball. However, he is deprived of the opportunity to showcase his skill. His age and race prohibit his chances to prove himself in the field, and the underlying explanation is the isolation due to unjust racism, poverty, and discrimination (Elkins 47). Works cited Elkins, Marilyn, ed. August Wilson: A Casebook. Vol. 1626. Routledge, 2013. Koprince, Susan. "Baseball as History and Myth...