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chemical reaction, can dissociate the acidic solution into carbon dioxide and water and thus maintain the required level blood pH(Ferreira, 2015). References Ferreira, C. M., Pinto, I. S., Soares, E. V., & Soares, H. M. (2015). (Un) suitability of the use of pH buffers in biological, biochemical and environmental studies and their interaction with metal ions–a review. Rsc Advances, 5(39), 30989-31003. Varum, F. J., Merchant, H. A., Goyanes, A., Assi, P., Zboranová, V., & Basit, A. W. (2014). Accelerating the dissolution of enteric coatings in the upper small intestine: evolution of a novel pH 5.6 bicarbonate buffer system to assess drug release. International journal of...

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chemical reaction within some few minutes. Aside from the dipstick test, the paper also carried out a microscopic analysis to establish if any abnormalities were present. This observation is done under a microscope on the different samples gathered. Finally, the method also involved visual examination in creating defects like color, odor, and cloudiness of the sample. Results What stood out from the analysis is that exercise increase the amount and frequency of urinating across all ages and gender but depends on the severity of the same. Conclusively, caffeine in coffee also has the same effect on both sexes but varied when it comes to age. Younger people tend to urinate less compared to the older...

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chemical reaction since the solvent encloses solute. Carbon, on the other hand, creates the chemical basis for the molecules in the body that are primary in maintaining life. Some of the particles include lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acid among others. Both water and carbon are essential compounds for prokaryotes, for example, the cell uses carbon to manufacture organic compounds. Water, on the other hand, is necessary for the prokaryotic since they do not have a cell nucleus. Water, therefore, acts as a medium that transports the parts of the cell like the ribosomes (LaRocca et al., 2013). Scientists from NASA over the past years have tried to establish if water exists on the surface of Mars....

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chemical reaction reduces. At this time, the enzymes are in excess as compared to the substrate and therefore some of the active sites of the enzymes have no substrate to work on. Before this stage, all the substrate was more than the enzyme, and their reaction rate was at its peak. We can, therefore, say that the reaction rate has decreased (Frey and Hegeman). Works cited Frey, Perry A. and Adrian D. Hegeman. Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms. 1st ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007....