Book Heat And Movement And Science Behind

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Book Heat and Movement and Science Behind

There is talk about the relationship between natural phenomena and man, such as the fact that the relationship between the populations of primitive man and natural phenomen man has had to elaborate, verify and consolidate his theories for a long time before making important discoveries.

He also speaks that it is impossible to be able to see the advances of science if the progress and evolution that these civilizations had, for this they appeared in the seventh century to.C. With Milo, Elena and Samos who made themselves called "philosophers of nature" because they discussed the origins of the universe. The second heroic era of science began with Kepler, Galileo, Pascal, Descartes and Newton.

There is also talk about the development of electromagnetism in the nineteenth century, which tries to explain the nature of the light and the origin of radiation. After this, atomic physics, electro chemistry and the modern structure of physics began.

They show that there is an experiment by which it is demonstrated that we are able to perceive temperature differences, however small, thanks to our nervous system. The concepts of hot and cold were used from ancient Greece and carried out experiments that can be considered as the bases of thermometry until I appreciate the first thermoscope in the 16th century. Thanks to this, the new temperature term was reached that determines how cold or how hot a body is at a certain moment.

In Mexico, the scale invented by Anders Celsius is used, which took the zero point such as water freezing and point 100 as boiling. Kelvin temperature is called the absolute temperature wing.

He mentions that the best known and most used transmission forms are through heat (Q), mechanical work (W). Mechanical work is one that implies changing to an object of position. Mentions the first thermodynamic law that says: "The energy of an isolated system is constant". The thermodynamics study the systems in balance. There are three forms of heat transmission that are convection, driving and radiation.

  • Driving: heat transfer through physical contact
  • Convection: heat transfer by mixing cold areas with hot.
  • Radiation: heat transfer by waves that travel through space.

The thermochemistry studies the heat changes that occur during a chemical reaction. When the heat enters a chemical reaction, the heat value is positive and the reaction is called endothermic, if the reaction loses heat, this value is negative and the reaction is called exothermic. Combustion is a separate case in colars the substance reacts with oxygen.It also says that in all chemical reactions, energy changes occur, with this it means that such energy can be released or absorbed in the form of light, value, energy, etc.

The greenhouse effect is one of the most spoken global effects today. What is explained with the example of a person sick of fever, the same is happening to our planet with a disease called pollution. This is mainly due to the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been increasing over the years due to excessive use of fuels. In theory, a balance of all this should be generated through the photosynthesis of plants, but there is too much CO2.

This book also tells us that scientific concepts are usually presented using everyday language. Science breaks the theory of myths, therefore, language must also do so in order to find precision and redefine meanings. This book gave me a lot because it deepens a lot in the words "Heat and Movement" and I taught me what, for a long time, human beings have made discoveries and that today these two term are what are there was a process too long. 

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