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Border Patrol. Initially a group of sheriffs and local marshals, military men, 450 ranchers and railway mail clerks, according to Stumpf, has transformed to almost a police force. Although the two areas of law have different constitutional protection to their proceedings, the outcomes have a resemblance. In both cases, the judge decides on whether to exclude an individual (or deport them in immigration proceedings). The second part of the article focuses on the relationship between the membership theory and the crimmigration laws. Stumpf first analyzes the role of the theory in the convergence of the areas of law. Both criminal and immigration laws are gatekeepers of membership in the community,...

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border patrol teams use the remainder of the Vietnam War including heat sensors, Ground autos, choppers and military arms to hunt immigrants. In spite of the continual presence of tight security between the two regions, engaging in the wollyball activity seems like a merger between the United States and Mexico. It also portrays that there can be a peaceful coexistence between the two nations and peace can exist in the war zone border. Additionally, the wollyball game is the only match, probably around the world where participants play while still within their nation’s territory, thus making the function a distinct engagement. The photograph portrays people from different states that are happy and...