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Behavioral genetics: Study the inheritance of thought -related features. Behavioral neuroscience: examines the biological foundations of behavior Clinical psychology: in charge of the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Clinical Neuropsychology: It is concentrated in the relationship between biological factors and psychological disorders. Cognitive Psychology: It is in charge of higher mental processes. Psychological orientation: It is responsible for social, educational and professional adaptation problems. Intercultural Psychology: Study similarities and differences in psychological functioning between different cultures and ethnic groups. Psychology of the developed:...

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Behavioral genetics, study the inheritance of behavior related features. Behavioral neuroscience, examines the biological foundations of behavior. Clinical psychology. Diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. Clinical Neuropsychology, is concentrated in the relationship between biological factors and psychological disorders. Cognitive Psychology. Focuses on higher mental processes. Psychological orientation. It focuses on educational, social and adaptation problems. Intercultural psychology. Investigate the similarities and differences between cultures. Development Psychology. Examine the growth of people. Educational psychology. Teaching and learning processes, school...

behavioral genetics, genetic psychophysiology can offer transitional phenotypes that can assist them to link the gap amid intricate manners like personality character and genes. Psychopathology also gives perception into the functional position of the genetic variants that have been linked to psychiatric phenotypes or complex behavior in genome-wide association evaluations. Lastly, by connecting autonomic and cerebral functioning, behavior, and genetics, genetic psychophysiology adds to systems-level, intergrative perception of the character of individual psychological differences and psychopathology. This paper, however, is not intended to give a comprehensive reporting of all genetic research...

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