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bacteriology. Microbiology is important and applicable in biology because in all microorganisms biological processes are carried out. Some of those microorganisms are used for the elaboration of bread, cheese, beer, antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, enzymes and other important products. Human beings are hosts of many microorganisms, in the digestive tract we have bacteria that are colonized from birth, the large intestine is the most colonized site of the gastrointestinal tract. The microbiota increases the resistance of an organism in the presence of pathogens, since it makes access to the intestinal surface difficult. There are many microorganisms that we have and most are beneficial, such as...

bacteriology. Henry Welch's contribution in the medical environment was the interpretations of the foundations of the pathology where I believe the first Physiology and Pathology Laboratory to improve diagnoses or the study of people's causes of...

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bacteriology at the ST. Mary ’S in London in 1928, he had to go on vacation and forgot. When he returned from his vacation he began to clean the plates, but observed something strange in one of them since he had begun to grow mold with the characteristic that there was a halo without bacteria. Fleming realized that this mold had the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, after this he began to do numerous tests with him until he discovered that he belonged to the species Penicillium Notatum and that is why he named it penicillin. In 1929 Fleming published the finding, although until 1943 penicillin was not used in clinical trials. As we can see, two examples have been presented that you...