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app store, and we compare these two car-hailing services pricing differences and the reasons for the differences. Blue sg Grab Uber Taxi Base fare $0.0 $2.5 $3.0 $3.2 Minute cost $0.5 $0.16 $0.22 $0.30 Per km cost $0.0 $0.5 $0.47 $0.55 While there is a little gap of difference between these two car-hailing apps, the grab company seems to gain more customers than the rubber and other taxi operating a business (Wicaksono, Sulistio, Wardani,& Bramiana). This has made the grab app to be most downloaded in comparison to related taxi-hailing apps while on another long distances apps, Uber seems to gain more popularity and its preferred to grab as its more cheaper in a distance that covers more...

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app store. However, while it is a good place to start, there should be better strategies to promote this product to more youth and more so the generation z. First, the marketing department will have to focus lots of resources to promote the idea of G6. Such would include creating ads online, and on social media to ensure that the plan reaches as many youths. Similarly, the G6 app can be marketed through other mobile applications. That can be achieved by push messages and links to the app store. With that, it becomes easy for the marketing team to reach its target group considering that it is a new idea in the market. Here, the goal of the marketing team will be maintaining the visibility of its app...

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App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Mac App Store, App Store, and Apple Music. In essence, the company has diversified its portfolio to produce consumer electronics intended for both home and office use. In 2015, the company earned approximately US$53.394 billion to mark it as a global leader in computer technology, second only to Windows Company that earned US$93.6 billion in the same year (Securities and Exchange Commission). This success is attributed to the company’s employment of personnel who are committed to providing the best product experience for its customers through delivery of high-quality merchandise that are based on extensive innovation. This has been facilitated by having a...

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App Store, Apple Music, iOS App Store, and iCloud. A certain course or phase of a company can play a vibrant part in the whole creation value sequence of the business. In different organizations, the aspect of customer service is viewed as a cost center that drains resources for the corporation. Therefore, this paper shall take an illustration of Apple’s iPhone flaw example and exhibit how customer service in the illustration depicts a key role in the general supply series of iPhone. Client Service in the Supply Sequence of Apple The aspect of customer service is viewed as the expression of the consumers that has effects after the release of merchandise or amenity by a firm. For any product of a...

App Store and the Mac App store which it uses to sell digital content. Apple Inc. is one of the most popular and valuable brands in the world in the manufacture of innovative electric devices. Apple Inc. has delivered impressive results to its investors over the years. It is a relatively successful company that generates a lot of cash flow alongside maintaining a sound balance sheet. Although Apple’s stock has been performing relatively well, it has recorded what may seem as its worst showing in recent times. In 2015, the value of the stock was at nearly $133 which it later fell to $92 then on the rise again to $124 after which a downward trend towards $90 per share is on track. Heading into the...