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amino acid accumulation. The use of heat shock proteins ensures that the extremophiles conserve their genes hence continued survival outside the earth (Harrison, Et al. 204). The metabolites are broken down to provide the energy required for the survival. Furthermore, the defensive mechanisms depend on the strengths of the molecular elements to survive the ionizing radiations thus survival in harsh environments. Microbial life often requires sufficient sources of energy, life outside the earth contains carbon which the microorganism would often use for their survival since the earth is stored in sedimentary rock and carbon is a common element even outside the earth (Hedlund, Et al. 865). The...

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amino acids. Other plants sources may be deficient in one or two essential amino acids. For example, grains have low amounts of lysine while legumes are high on methionine. Therefore taking a variety of plant protein sources would help meet the recommended daily allowance as restoring the deficient amino acid in plant protein source will give a response rate that is equivalent to that of animal protein. Digestion of proteins begins in the stomach where an enzyme known as pepsin is responsible their breakdown. The enzyme breaks the peptide bond that holds the protein molecule into polypeptides. These polypeptides then move to the ileum where they are broken down by the pancreatic enzyme into smaller...

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amino acid chain. They therefore also share the mechanisms of action, side effects profile, and the possible adverse effects. Even the list of susceptible organisms is similar between different rifamycins. There are three other drugs in the rifamycin class. These include rifabutin, rifaximin, and rifapentine Due to their shared structure, the rifamycins are comparable in their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Rifampin is the standard for the class. The liver excretes the drug, rifampin, into bile, and a little is cleared by the kidneys in urine. Its excretion is not complicated by many factors and therefore, there is no need for dose adjustments in hepatic failure and renal insufficiency. Its...

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