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Albert Bandura discussed the social cognitive theory in the 1960's. The features rely on both external and internal reinforcement. The theorist suggested that the factors which surround an individual's cognition surrounding would lead to the adaptation of behavior. The stimulating factors involved include reciprocal determinism, where individuals learn from mistakes. An example is a child who would never play with fire after being burnt for the first time. The second factor is behavioral capability, where the individual learns something that leads to behavior. An example is a hygiene-painstaking person who discovered that dirt causes germs which lead to diseases. The third would be observation and...

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Albert Bandura considered the correlation between social learning factors and aggression in the social learning theory (SLT). In this case, the theory advanced that learners were most likely to learn of they were put in an environment that allowed them to observe role models. To test the theory, Bandura conducted the Bobo Doll Experiment whereby 72 children (36 girls and 36 boys) of between three and six years of age were recruited. The children were placed into three treatment groups whereby the first group was exposed to an aggressive adult; the second adult was exposed to a calm adult while the third group was exposed to no adult. The results indicated that children were more likely to imitate...

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Bandura believed that the human cognitive and the environment affect the attitudes that people develops towards other people or objects. Environment therefore, can entail things such as the social factors which affect opinion forming in many settings; they have a very strong influence on attitude development. Responsibilities assigned to individuals socially make them to socially relate to the tasks assigned to them; they are required by the roles assigned to them to behave distinctly. Imitation also goes hand in hand with the environment where children copy what they see in their environment as they start forming perceptions. The attitudes formed will articulate within the norms and rules to which...

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