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system grow? How is the parable of the Sower related to the today life? What moral values can the reader get from the parable? Why have you called the parable of sower a cautionary tale? Do you have other ideas about the future that didn’t make it into the book? How can the parable of sower be interpreted to people of different ideologies or belief...

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SystemA script that does everything, the command script Select colum_ name “Name” Case when Nullible - ‘N’ Then ‘NOT NULL’ else null end) “NULL?” (Case when data_type = ‘DATE’ Then DATA _ type When data-type = ‘Numbers’ and data_scale > 0 Then data_ type II ‘(’ II data _ precision II ‘,’ II data_scale II ‘)’ When data_type = ‘Number’ and data_scale = 0 Then data_type = Number II ‘(’ II data_Precision II ’,’ When data_type = ‘VARCHAR2’ Then data_type II ’,’ II data length II’,’ From dba_tab_cols White table_name = ‘EMP’ Order by column_id We can issue some surplus commands to format the output SVL > column “Name”format...

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HSS210 DB4


system of the medical field; CPT. The two are the standard modes of classification of coding systems of the medical sector internationally. However, the ICD has other divisions which are of three major types; the ICD-10-CM, the ICD-10-PCS, and the ICD-9 systems. The coding systems are used by the medical practitioners to determine the extent of a disease’s necessity. In using these coding systems, the diseases urgency is also determined so as to address how one should be treated every time, (Buck, 2016). The CPT codes are used by the AMA organization and are 00100-99499 which shows that they are alphanumeric and five in digits. The CPT is used mainly by the USA and other countries which are...