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condoms, thus risking infection. This is due to lack of comprehensive education on sexuality. The responsibility of educating the youth on sexuality should not be delegated to one person but rather, this should be the responsibility of every person that is around teenagers. This includes the teachers at school as well as the parents at home (Huffstutter, P. 2007, 1). Parents should not be worried that teaching their children about safe sex would lead to premarital sex. The teachers should as well educate their students on safe sex and abstinence from premarital sex (Landry, D. 2000, 1). Another reason that leads to teenagers turning to prostitutes is not having girlfriends. Due to peer pressure from...

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condoms and illustrating its use to the teenagers and young adults will be termed ethically immoral (La Ferle, 2015). Adults will discourage the teenagers from listening to the message presented in the campaign. Learning institutions are perceived as centers of professional and career development, however, promoting the use of condoms in the schools will be misinterpreted. The specific institutions where the promotion will take place will be affected in the sense that some parents may not want their children to be exposed to sexual information (Lee & Kotler, 2011). Parents will in this regard transfer their children to schools that do not advocate for sexual activities without considering the...

condoms. The benefits that are associated with the use of such protective should also be explained in details. When carrying out a social marketing on the use of latex condoms it is in order to provide the facts about the benefits that come with using the condoms (Attwood & Smith, 2011). For instance telling the youths and the young adults that using latex condoms do not reduce sexual pleasure and its effective use has a 97% protection against contracting sexually transmitted diseases. By being truthful about the facts on the disease control, the youths will be ready to take up the initiative and spread the message across (Lee & Kotler, 2011). But then if the facts argued when trying to...

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