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communication theory encompasses the fact that the messages are often not the main information hence more can be discovered through evaluations and assessment of a given situation. Does it need an immediate solution, or can it wait? Every problem in case scenarios does have some solutions that all differ according to their practicality, cost, and duration that they would take in the solution process. These factors also represent the policy options. There always needs to a deeper comprehension of the methods by which an issue would fit into a given vision. This type of context does apply to various organizations. Without regard to the setting, the assessment of the history of the issue assists in...

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Communication Theory. 9th ed., Mcgraw Hill Education,...

communication theory 8th edition. Boston, McGraw-Hill. 2012. Print. McClish, Glen, Langan, J. Emily & Griffin, Emory. Instructor’s manual and test bank to accompany the first look at communication theory sixth edition. Boston, McGraw-Hill. 2006. Print. Pearce, W. Barnett & Pearce, A Kimberly. Extending the Theory of the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM). Through a Community Dialogue Process, Communication Theory, Volume 10, Issue 4, 1 (Nov.2000): 405-423....

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communication theory where it focuses on building blocks, goals and theories of communication. Some of the prime theories in communication are standpoint theory, speech community theory, and spiral science theory just to mention a few. The goals of communications theory focus on prediction, control, understanding and reforming the communications strategy. Consequently, the main theory that has been emphasized in this course is the Coordination Management of Meaning (CMM) theory. This theory introduces two communication models that are; Firstly, transmission model of communication, this model defines communication as an equipment utilized for exchange information where a good communication consist of...