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success in the teaching process.     ...

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success; whereby their authority and status depend on these accomplishments in their line of duty. However, this believes rather misguided as the managers should delegate tasks within the workforce (Parvez 10). Managers should overcome this reason through learning the benefits of 'delegating strategically' to employees. “Delegating strategically “incorporates forethought planning to guarantee that all opportunities and advantages are maximized while allocating duties to the employees. Firstly, delegating offers many benefits to managers as they get the mandate to cross items from the ‘to-do’ list and seek assistance from a trusted and competent employee. Other employees gain knowledge and...

guaranteed them victory over their enemies, and this ensured the Union army won the war. His tactical skills and ability to identify directions ensured their team had an up hand in the war. However, George`s quality of being a risk taker made him participate in the Winfield Hancock`s show, and this was against Cheyenne and Sioux order (Kensey, 2004). This action made him face the court-martial, and he was eventually dismissed from duty. Therefore, he became a prominent person through his leadership personality even after his death. For instance, he was regarded as one of the most effective and controversial leaders in the civil war era. Dispute his negative attributes, his leadership skills were...

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