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Civil law is a branch of law that concerns itself with laws that regulate matters primarily considered private. It deals with matters such as torts, contracts and domestic matters such as inheritance, family among others. Criminal law deals with crimes. It refers to a body of state made rules that are meant to harmonize the relationship between people in a society. In legal theory, crime is defined as an act or omission prohibited by law that is enacted for the protection of the public and violation of which is prosecuted by the state (Burnham 4-7). Works Cited Burnham, William. Introduction to the law and legal system of the United States. West Academic Publishing, 2016. CBS News. “Cyberbully...

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civil law, and mixed systems. The laws, such as the religion law, will affect the types of drugs produced and their consumption in different regions across the world (Habermas, 2015). Hence, the pharmaceutical industry products and values are shaped by the different religious laws and civil laws found in different regions across the globe. Addressing the Dilemmas The national governments have imposed certain rules that ensure that the pharmaceutical industries operate in an ethical way to the customers. This involves ensuring that the prices charged on the branded drugs are fair and reasonable for all types of customers. The national governments also enact certain healthcare policies that offer...