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Chromatography is a very simple way to cncontrar pigments Introduction Chromatography is a very simple way to find pigments apart is a very interesting topic, since we see a leaf of a color, but we do not know that it has more types of colors inside it that by the way they are called pigments, in this we will needVery simple materials to find which are: Leaves of an alcohol or acetone vegetable with pistil Glass funnel Petri Box Capillary tube Sand pipette washed paper filtered scissors Distilled water Calcium chloride oil ether This process is widely used in laboratories to perform analysis, this is not a very difficult technique, so it does not need to use equipment. Chromatography means...

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chromatography in which the molecules are separated based on their sizes. The other purpose of the experiment is to determine the relative molecular weight of DNP-serine. Principle of Test (Gel Filtration Chromatography) The gel filtration chromatography that is also known as the size-exclusion chromatography seeks to separate the molecules based on their sizes. The stationary phase is made of the porous beads that have a well-defined pore size. The stationary phase has a fractionating range meaning that the molecules can be separated by different molecular ranges depending on their sizes. This experiment utilizes protein molecular mass ranges of between 1000 and 50000 as such 6-75 Sephadex is...

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chromatography method The proposed research study is intended to determine the degradation kinetics of gemcitabine injection solution by applying the stability-indicating liquid chromatography method. This is based on the awareness that kinetics of chemical compounds can be studied when in aqueous solutions with the intention of determining activity at different concentrations. This information would be useful in the formulation of gemcitabine as an antitumor agent that inhibits DNA synthesis to bring about cellular apoptosis (Jansen et al. 885), although Liu, Zhao and Li (1793) it is best used in combination with other antitumor agents. Gemcitabine has been used to treat different cancer forms to...

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