Chromatography Is A Very Simple Way To Cncontrar Pigments

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Chromatography is a very simple way to cncontrar pigments


Chromatography is a very simple way to find pigments apart is a very interesting topic, since we see a leaf of a color, but we do not know that it has more types of colors inside it that by the way they are called pigments, in this we will needVery simple materials to find which are:

  • Leaves of an alcohol or acetone vegetable with pistil
  • Glass funnel Petri Box Capillary tube
  • Sand pipette washed paper filtered scissors
  • Distilled water Calcium chloride oil ether
  • This process is widely used in laboratories to perform analysis, this is not a very difficult technique, so it does not need to use equipment.
  • Chromatography means writing in colors



Apart from paper chromatography there are more types of chromatography like these:

  1. Fine layer chromatography.
  2. Column chromatography.
  3. Gaseous chromatography.


The Russian botanist Mikhail Tswett described for the first time the chromatography in 1910, placed an extract of plant pigments on the top of a glass column filled with calcium carbonate (CACO3). When adding ether, he saw that the original mixture was separated into some colorful bands that climbed through the column at different speeds.

After this discovery, the chromatography was forgotten until 1930 when it was rediscovered by Kuhn and Lederer, who applied it for carotenoid separation;From this moment on, this technique was more used, while developing different versions of this:

  • Cast chromatography (Martin and Syng)
  • Paper chromatography (Consden, Gordon and Martin)
  • Fine layer chromatography (STAHL), etc.


At present, the name of chromatography is given to a group of techniques used in the identification of substances, in the separation of components of the mixtures and in the purification of compounds. This technique is very effective and therefore used both.


This method can have many techniques, but it will always be based on the same: all chromatography systems contain a stable phase and a mobile phase. Chromatography is a separation method in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, a motionless (stationary phase), and another mobile (mobile phase) 

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