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her. So, in different ways we see a parallel in the family relationships of the two protagonists. Both are influenced by the patriarchy and believe that what a woman should aspire is to act as the women of their respective cultures usually act to find a man who takes care of them and with whom to marry.  This parallelism is also found in the attitude of the two parents of families. In the case of Jess's father, we see his strictest attitude towards his daughter and his future. Although he is going to see his daughter play a game and he decides that he can go play the final of a football game to get a scholarship in the USA. UU. It is also he who convinces the family so that Jess can take advantage...

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her preceptor. In this second text, Mrs. Sugimoto expresses the importance of value to learning, submission and obedience within Japanese culture. It teaches us what is considered correct and the acting in front of the teacher of each. Through what we learn with the passage of time and internalizing, we express it in behavior so it is essential to work it well from within. conclusion Ultimately we could refer to the importance of today of education at home and in educational centers, since both are complementary and we must continue and respect the guidelines of our elders both within our centers and in the family,in order to exercise behavior that in the future is worthy of showing and...

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