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cellular respiration. Photosynthesis in summary accounts is the process that green plants pass to "eat". Cellular breathing is a metabolic route that breaks glucose and produces ATP. These two issues will be studying more thoroughly below. Meaning of photosynthesis The word photosynthesis or rather your word in English "Photosynthesis", comes from the sum of three parts of Greek origin. Photo is synonymous with "light";Syn is "with" and methods can be defined as "conclusion or position". What is photosynthesis? Well, photosynthesis is the process by which green plants "eat". That is, it is the metabolic process by which green plants...

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Cell Biology


Cellular Respiration which occurs in three stages of metabolism, namely glycolysis, citric acid cycle and electron transport. Glycolysis involves splitting glucose into two molecules. Enzymes break glucose into two molecules of pyruvate which is also called pyruvic acid. During this breaking down, two molecules of ATP are also produced. The final product of pyruvate can be used in anaerobic respiration if oxygen is absent or in aerobic respiration if it is present. Citric acid cycle finishes breakdown of carbon dioxide resulting in little volumes of ATP in addition to giving out of electrons. It achieves this by getting acetyl CoA, which is gotten from glucose, arrests its bond energy in the nature...