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parts or derivatives of them; either Perform activities that prevent or hinder their reproduction and migration."    The sanctions for abuse In turn, the controversial article 337.1 Determine the criminal consequences applicable to animal abuse, regulating the penalty of up to one year in prison, in addition to the possibility of special disqualification, to anyone who: “(…) By any means or procedure unjustifiably mistreats, causing injuries that seriously undermine his health or subjecting sexual exploitation to: a domestic or tame animal, an animal of those who are usually domesticated, an animal that temporarily or permanently lives under human control, or Any animal that...

parts or derivatives of them;either Perform activities that prevent or hinder their reproduction and migration.   conclusion In 1954, the National Congress of the Argentine Republic would approved in Law 14.346, whose text is still in force on today. In addition to defining what is understood as abuse and cruelty against animals in the national territory, said law also prohibited the sacrifice of dogs and cats in the province of Buenos Aires. Regarding the sanctions, it is expected that it can be repressed with a fifteen -day prison one year, the one that inflicts ill -treatment or makes the victim of acts of cruelty to the animals. Several years later, more specifically in 2013, the first...

parts. It is about accepting the fact that other people can be different from an individual but all not necessarily adversaries. In the last homily, Fr. Victor accepts that he has been wrong. Since he found God in the solemnity of Mass and concise details, HE expected everyone to do the same. He could not understand why someone could not see God in the ways he did. Eventually, he accepts that this opinion was flawed. ‘If we love one another, God lives within us!’ This is his last proposition. If God, therefore, lives within the human beings, every relationship with the other person must be valued. It must be seen as a relationship with Christ. If modern Catholics emulate this model, the will find...

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