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biological explanation of all social behavior, and has said in reference to the ants “Karl Marx was right, socialism works, it is only that it had the wrong species”, where it meant that ants and other species seem to liveIn communist societies, they do it is because they are forced to do so since their basic biology, since they lack reproductive independence.  Evolutionary Psychology of Ants Workers' ants, being sterile, need their queen ant to survive as a colony and a species and individual ants cannot reproduce without a queen, and therefore are forced to live in centralized societies. However, humans have reproductive independence to be able to give birth to offspring without the need for...

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biological explanation to explain its cause. The understanding of a child about the concept of death evolves as they grow with rapid development at some ages. The development of an understanding of mortality by a child is a process involving continuous changes and refining of already existing knowledge and insights. At different stages, children try to fit their understanding to their world at that time, as they try to keep their world in the balance and to be at peace with their conclusions. Children are progressive thinkers, and this explains the variations and advancement in their understanding, illustrated by their behaviors when interacting with new things. During infancy and toddlerhood, a...

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