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Big Bang theory as this acceptable theory for science according to many authors who defend and explain the origin of the universe, making clear all controversy to this problem. To this day the origin of the universe is in controversy, showing many criteria depending on the positions or theories that each scientist proposes. According to Georges Lemaitre, the most considered position is the Big Bang theory that explains with the support of science the accuracy and veracity on the origin of the universe. According to scientists, different conditions of the primitive universe have determined with the appropriate framework to study the origin and basic characteristics of the universe with the laws of...

Big Bang theory is also known as the theory of great explosion. In 1924, a Russian biochemist called Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin, defends his theory which said that the origin of life on our planet was due to the chemical and gradual evolution of carbon -based molecules which called this theory the primal broth,Also called primordial broth. According to Ecured the Oparin hypothesis is “it is based on the conditions of the primitive earth, on the capacity of interaction of the chemical elements that leads to more complex compounds, and on the gradual evolution of inorganic to organic matter, until it is formedThe first cells. "(Oparin). This means that the origin of life was by evolutionary...



Big Bang theory as well as the Theory of Evolution to explain the origin and existence of humankind. However, in spite of the significant changes in the mythology, still, the evolution has not managed to replace the original myths which involved magic and rituals. To some extent, science has been able to explain some of the occurrences in nature which has made it successful in replacing some of the myths such as those involving the weather patterns and climate changes among others. However, there are some things that science has not been able to explain yet which makes its myths have some gaps. Consequently, some of the gaps include the issue of life and death where in spite of the existing...