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Case Study 2


Bangalore. International Journal of Marketing Practices, 3(2), 33-46. Peterson, H. (2014). Here's What It Costs To Open A McDonald's Restaurant. Business Insider. Moran, A. J., Ramirez, M., & Block, J. P. (2017). Consumer underestimation of sodium in fast food restaurant meals: Results from a cross-sectional observational study. Appetite, 113, 155-161. Rummo, P. E., Meyer, K. A., Howard, A. G., Shikany, J. M., Guilkey, D. K., & Gordon-Larsen, P. (2015). Fast food price, diet behavior, and cardiometabolic health: Differential associations by neighborhood SES and neighborhood fast food restaurant availability in the CARDIA study. Health & place, 35,...

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Data Project


Bangalore South Campus, Bangalore, India. n.d., Accessed 07 February 2018. Rahlf, Thomas. “Data Visualisation with R: 100 Examples.” Journal of Statistical Software, vol. 81, no. 2, 2017, pp.1-5. Appendix Codes used to generate the...

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Bangalore city. Journal of Communicable Disease 33, 245-251 Stubbs, W.; & Bloomberg, M. (February,1995). Implications of early neutering in the dog and cat. Seminars in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (Small Animal) 10,...