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Avatar Movie Script Student’s Name Institution Abstract Avatar is detailed and organized film written, directed and co- edited by James Cameron. It was directed to reflect the period in which human beings participated in the role of colonizing the areas inhabited by indigenous species. The human beings invade the region to acquire and utilize the resources available. The movie entails a lot of adventure and imperialism in the society. It provides the deep sense of understanding of the ecology. The film is critical since it features the challenges of cultures and civilizations. The soldier in the movie is drawn to the conflict that involves learning he was actively against it. The research...

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Avatar Different societies have a historical relationship with heroic moments that required one of their persons to save the rest of the community from a troubling situation. However, the ease with which the heroic person goes through to win their battle is highly dependable on who the presence of the villain. Heroes differ with the qualities of their cultures. Despite the fact that there is no particular protocol utilized to ultimately chronicle the process from an ordinary citizen to an iconic individual, the plain truth remains that the hero is the ideal personification of their culture’s value and morality system. In many communities there are perceptions that a hero is a person who possesses...

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