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Arabic language. This taking on was greatly attributed to the pressure from the government to get rid of the Copts in top positions. Furthermore, job security was based solely on the ability to learn and use Arabic. Those who retained the use of the Coptic language not only risked layoffs but also minimized the chances of their children inheriting their work. Thus, the pressure put on families in exchange for their continued service led to the neglect of Coptic. Parents from such families ultimately became reluctant in teaching their children in literary Coptic. The liturgical use of the language eventually declined drastically with few of such scripts used in few church scripts. Therefore, such...

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Arabic language. Also, they have spread the language globally, especially in Muslim states, which clearly evidence strong ethnocentrism. However, they are considered a minority group due to low representation in social authority positions. Additionally, they possess minority group characteristics such as different skin color and involuntary membership. Asian Americans comprise of American Citizens that originated from Asia. They identify themselves as Asians and make-up to 4.5% of the American population. The Asians comprise of the Koreans, Thai, and Vietnam sub-ethnic groups. They exhibit cultural pluralism through the tea celebration and the origami practice. The Asians have been able to...

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